Amazing news Facebook buys GIF company GIPHY worth $400.

Amazing news Facebook buy GIPHY

Facebook buys GIF company GIPHY in a deal worth $400 million (techwithadh )
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This is good news for Facebook users because Facebook buys another product that is GIPHY. GIPHY work to a searchable library of animated GIFS that have integrated with a variety of apps.

On Social media titan Facebook on Friday obtained the GIF-sharing service GIPHY, which will now be a part of the Instagram team and the prize of this According to Axios, Facebook paid $400.

Important information about GIPHY

Facebook to acquire Giphy in a deal reportedly worth $400 million (techwithadh)
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After buying this GIPHY  product we can make it more accessible for people to find the perfect GIFs and stickers in Stories and Direct on Instagram.

This service are big supporters of the producer and artist society, and that will continue ” Vishal Shah, VP of Product Facebook said in a declaration. This feature is also may become in next update in Whatsapp, Messenger, and Facebook

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Facebook confirmed today, in a deal worth around $400 million  according to Axios facebook say this type of information is not to be disclosed so it is an estimation by Axios

Through this facebook get more traffic  of Facebook or WhatsApp and Instagram because people highly use the GIF in the Instagram story or in WhatsApp chat so after buying this you have more GIF creatures to use

This company start in 2013 and start making GIFs and gifts. This website is worldwide famous and almost everyone us these features. This is the name of the search engine GIPHY. we think these features introduce in the next updates of in all applications.

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