motorola Razr 2019 latest phone launching date , prize

Motorola razr  2019

Motorola razr  
Motorola razr

motorola Razr 2019  latest phone launch on TODAY   and all are very excited  to see this Motorola Razr latest phone and this is because in motorola Razr phone they give us folding facility

yes the motorola Razr 2019 is fold able phone you can fold it and it will compress in size so that’s why  all are waiting of this phone and really the look of this motorola Razr phone is also great and building material is also good so let’s see the other important information related of  motorola Razr phone the price of  motorola Razr 2019 last year in San Francisco at a price $1,500 and today this motorola Razr 2019 official launch in India at 12:30 pm the teaser of this motorola Razr 2019 is also present on flip cart which give you a little bit hint about the this motorola Razr 2019 phone

specification of motorola Razr 2019

Display (primary)  6.2 inch (876-2142)
Processor  qualcomm snapdragon 710
Front camera  5 MP
Rear camera 16 MP
Storage 128 GM
Battery  2510 mAh
Os  Android 9.0 pie


So at above i give all detail in short so you can understand easily all detail and this phone launch today 16 march 2020 if you want to see goo on flip cart Microsoft to watch  the live session of motorola Razr 2019 launching and you can also go on you tube official channel of motorola Razr 2019

Summary of motorola razr (2019)

motorola Razr 2019
motorola Razr 2019

motorola Razr 2019  specification is 6.2 -inch OLED screen with a 2.19 ratio .when you folded  you will get a 2.7-inch  screen and on this screen you will see your all notification and motorola Razr 2019 also give fingerprint sensor at the bottom of screen in this smart phone this will sport 2 camera one is 16 MP and an in this camera many features is include like night mode , EIS other one is   5 MP on the front screen that can be used for the selfie and when you fold the phone you can also do video chat with it and in this motorola Razr 2019  and battery backup is 2510 mAh this not good to much but average it is but this will provide quick charging also in it  . the processor of this motorola Razr 2019 is snapdragon 710 . the front camera is 5 MP and rear camera is 16 MP come with 128 storage capacity and  expected prize in India  motorola Razr 2019  phone is 108,290


Revolt RV 400

Revolt RV 400
Revolt RV 400

Revolt RV 400  is the one of the most interesting bike in India only because of a new electric bike and users is very happy in this bike also have disk break in front and lets talk about prize in India RS 3999 per month  yes this also available  on EMI . Revolt RV 400 has various prize RS 3499 and this EMI you have to pay continuously 37 months and this pretty bike  Revolt RV 400 available in two colors and also see Revolt RV 400 PRICE IN INDIA

its totally  prize is RS 98,999 to 1 lakh

Specification of Revolt RV 400

Motor power 3000 W
Battery Charging Time 3 TO 4.5 HOURS
Range 150 KM CHARGED



the prize is this Revolt RV 400 is  prize is RS 98,999 in showroom and its charges extra for the RTO or insurance or 4g connective the states where this Revolt RV 400   is available that is Tamil nadu Gujarat and Telangana  and many others cities of the India . the top speed of this Revolt RV 400   is 85 km this speed is maximum speed of this amazing Revolt RV 400   bike. and in this Revolt RV 400   bike there is no gear.

Merits and demerits of Revolt RV 400

revolt rv400 electric bike
revolt rv400 electric bike

firstly er talk on merits of Revolt RV 400  bike, this is compact bike and not heavy in weight also and after that  and most good think in this is this Revolt RV 400   bike run on battery and this help us alot  to save money because  petrol is very expensive and through this new technology make us more comfortable   and design of this Revolt RV 400   bike is also amazing and lets talk about  on demerits of Revolt RV 400   this is not available any where the service of this bike is less in India so this make more uncomfortable


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WHAT IS RASPBERRY PI prize, use full detail


Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi

If you are also that person who are perrty mush interest in hacking and that my dear this is for you. if you never heard about RASPBERRY PI then i tell you all information in it so lets start

RASPBERRY PI is the small potable computer that you can carry with you anywhere . RASPBERRY PI is single board  computer that developed in United kingdom. it is develop UK for teachings purpose this is small computer in which you can do programming  very easily  through raspberry pi  so more information keep reading this blog

How many type of Raspberry Pi  model is

In Raspberry Pi we have there type in it  first is pi 1, pi 2, pi 3, so this is three type of Raspberry Pi now in this we have model also generally model A and model B most of generation . model A have less performance in it and also cheaper variant in it reduce ram and USB port

Model launching date prize
Pi model B 2012 $35
Pi model A 2013 $25
Pi model B+ 2014 $35
Pi model  A+ 2014 $20
Pi model B 2015 $35


Is the Raspberry pi open source ?

resbperry pi is operates open source  ecosystem in this we run linux and its main  supporting operating system the resbperry pi foundation contribute to linux and various open source  operates as well they want to do fully open sourced so that help the programmer to coder when they do there work

What  Raspberry pi  Do

 raspberry pi
raspberry pi

some people resbperry pi used for the purpose coding or resbperry pi give you a very good paltfrom in which you can develop your skill through coding . resbperry pi give you permission in it to do your own project or what you want to do in it  . many many people like because of there size or price . resbperry pi us portable or multi tasking so you want to interested to buy you can buy it the link given below


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SHARE MARKET investment 5 things you must know before start

 Share market


share market
share market

Share market is the online investment method through which many people make money .it is also called  stock marketing which we sale or buy shares of the different type of company’s. and this totally private the private company sale they shares  in market investor buy the shares. the investment method of the stock market is  electronic trading platform . investment is mainly made with investment strategy in mind .

in share market we have two method 1. direct method 2. indirect method . in direct method  we involves in own share and indirect method you invest in mutual fund or exchange traded fund.and in the indirect method refers to investment in real states actually  investment in the property .

5 Things you must  know before start the share marketing ……

1. Early start in share market

 share market
share market


when we know about share market or stock market through friends or internet, we get excited to invest in share market and without knowledge we started and due to lack of information we get lose in share market that is also dangers in share market . one  things you should understand  that share market is the money making machine it take time or not .and always remember that invest your surplus money only in share market. that money you invest in share market  if you lose you can digest that lost not invert whole money in it . it is 50 -50 chances . so never invest so early in share market first you get information in share market   

2.  Be patience in stock market

share market
share market

one thing you should know share market is not a money making machine which turn your money in millions or billions over the period  . if you invest in share market be patience you defiantly get profit in it .and well this is true that many people make billionaires through stock marketing but all of them know information about it and rule but in other way we have also bunch of people that lost there entire wealth in the share market and some has been forced to sell their  personal  assets to cover the loss…….

3. Learn

learn share market
learn share market

All of   heard about many peoples that make their fortune through share market just because of their knowledge . if you also want success in share market you have familiar to your company in which you invest  you have to collect all knowledge about  company their shares and investment all activity you should know about it and you should also know about GDP of your country budget  . you also understand about financial metrics such PE, EPS, ROE. and understand or analysis the strategy or shares   ….                   

4. surplus investment

Budget share market
Budget share market

The biggest mistake of beginners is they invest all money in share market  but that is not good way to invest . the right way to invest is invest surplus money if you have surplus money than you invest in share market . if you have surplus than suppose you lost whole money than you digest that loss on the other hand if you invest whole money and than you lost it what you do this is why you need surplus money to invest ..






5.  Avoid Leverage


Leverage meaning borrowed money for the investment  of share marketing or stock marketing . leverage is not be good or bad its is good for that people who get profit in it but on other side if you get loss in share market than you are in trouble . so be careful from this if you have surplus money then invest in it other wise collect the information







 How to invest in share market step by step for beginner

invest share market
invest share market



So in above information you know about the share market lit bit so in further i tell you about the how to invest in share market full detail step step  lets start

before you start the share market you should have certain document

  • You should have a pan card
  • You want to hire a stockbroker . stock market is not that place in which you can go and invest your cash directly you need broker 
  • Open demat account and trading account
  • You should have a bank account
  • UIN ( unique identification number )
  • At last you can finally able to buy or sell the shares

Great website to invest in share market

now you prepare foe the investment in the share market or the stock market  so this is online process than you want to visit some website for the investment of the shares so following we have some website that helps you

  • Money-control
  • Economic time
  • BSE India
  • Investing
  • Livemint

Cheapest brokerage in India  ?

Name Opening Brokerage
1 SAS online Rs. 200. Rs 9 per trade or 0.07% per trade
2. Tradejini Rs.300 Rs. 20 per trade
3. wisdom capital Free  Free
4. zerodha Rs. 200 Rs.20 per trade
5. trad smart online Rs.400 maximum Rs 15 per order

Do’s or don’t

Do's or don't
Do’s or don’t



in the share market we do many mistake so i tell you which thing you not do in you business

Do’s Don’t
1.  Start learning 1. No over trade
2. Start small 2. Not investing in gambling
3. Fix an investment goal 3. Not blindly  treat on any company
4. Research before invest 4. Not take more risks
5.Get start early 5. not follow the herd



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onePlus 8 pro new NEW COLOUR upcoming phone launching date details


In today life phone is important factor in our life so that in 2020 many phone is launching  so  in this blog i tell you one of that upcoming latest phone in 2020

so chaliya shuru karta ha its about onePlus 8 pro new NEW COLOUR upcoming phone launching date details

onePlus 8 pro new upcoming phone

oneplus 8 pro
oneplus 8 pro

oneplus 8 pro said that they launch in late march or april in different colour green colour option tipped. oneplus 8 series is include vanilla .

tipster ishan agarwal shared a tweet that oneplus will launch the oneplus 8 and oneplus 8 pro at somr point in march or may be in april.


oneplus 8 pro
oneplus 8 pro
  • oneplus 8 pro leaked point towards triple rear camera
  • most interesting things in oneplus 8 pro phone might offer 5G supporting
  • oneplus 8 pro is said  to sport quad rear camera setup

oneplus 8 pro

Display : 6.50 -inch

RAM  :  8 GB

storage  :   64GB

Performance : snapdragon 865

battery  : 4500 mAh

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2020 upcoming latest phones. launch date,price all classification

 2020 upcoming latest phones all details

With the end of 2019 . in 2020 many things are we waiting like phone that is very important factor in today life .

so in today  blog i tell you top upcoming phone in 2020  with all details and also tell you launching date and all details and classification

Nokia 8.2  5G 2020 upcoming phone

Nokia-8.2 5g
Nokia-8.2 5g
  • In Nokia 8.2 5g phone the v10 operation system is used  and this phone is powered by octal core 2.4GHz single core
  • Its run on the qualcomm snapdragon.
  • Its has 8 GB ram and 256 GB internal storage
  • Nokia 8.2 phone has a IPS LCD display
  • The screen has a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels and 409 ppi pixel density in Nokia 8.2 5g
  •  In  Nokia 8.2 5g front camera is the 32 MP Front Camera and on the rear, there is 13 MP + 12 MP camera
  • It is backed by a 4000 mAh battery
  • Nokia 8.2 5g camera  features like Digital Zoom, Auto Flash, Face detection, Touch to focus
  • Connectivity features in the smartphone include WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and  NFC

 Sony Xperia 5 Plus

  •  Sony xperia 5 plus  is runs on Android v10 (Q) operating system
  • It runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Chipset
  • It has 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage.
  • In Sony xperia 5 plus The phone is powered by Octa core (2.84 GHz, Single core, Kryo 585 + 2.42  Kryo 585 + 1.8 GHz, Quad core, Kryo 585) processor
  • Sony Xperia 5 Plus smartphone has a oled display
  • Sony Xperia 5 Plus measures 168.2 mm x 71.6 mm x 8.1 mm and weighs
  • Sony Xperia 5 Plus  front camera is 8 MP rear camera 48MP + 12MP + 12MP camera
  • It is backed by a 4000 mAh battery.
  • Connectivity features in the phone Sony Xperia 5 Plus  include WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS.
  • The screen has a resolution of 1080 x 2520 pixels and 415 ppi pixel density

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latest iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 pro // prize in India

iPhone 11 prize in India

For the iPhone users there is a good news latest iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 pro  prize in India  , iPhone is launched new iPhone 11  and they say in new iPhone 11 they add some new or latest features related to the camera or the processors. so let see what is in new iPhone 11 new features

Apple iPhone 11 display features

iphone 11
iphone 11
  • In iPhone 11 its display is 6.10 inches (828 -1792)
  • At a pixels of iPhone 11 density is 326 pixels per inches (ppi)


  • Front camera is 12 mp
  • real camera is 12+12


  • 64 GB in new iPhone 11

prize of iPhone in India

The prize of iPhone in India is 64,900 starting  you can buy from online through any website like amazon flip cart .

the new things that iPhone 11 have is better battery life and also give good quality glass in front or back both side . and nights is also very new or good things in new iPhone 11 . camera quality also increase

iPhone 11 pro

iphone 11
iphone 11


All the features are  from iPhone 11 the new feature is triple camera and its is 12+12+12 and also better sensors in it

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16 YEAR BOY WON 20 CRORE RUPEES BY PLAYING FORTNITE   yes game is a career option for you Fortnite game In the upper photo the lines was right but in 90s not now days  are parents and all the elders was keep saying these lines in our childhood in fact in that time also in which a  16 year boys won 20 crore rupees only playing video game. Fortnite game so Fortnite game is good career option for the youth because if the 16 YEAR BOY WON 20 CRORE RUPEES BY PLAYING FORTNITE

This things proof and legend like  mr ms Dhoni  , mr. virat kholi




in 2019 the boy was in  new York  where a 16 years old boy  has won 20 crore rupees and  in USA dollar is 3 million it is  only just playing a game game name is fortnite  game  in fortnite world cup  held in a ashe stadium  and in that competition about 10,000 people come to play this game and at last  only 100 persons select in this game and  they filter down with the game of level and than at last a 16 year boy won this prize just because of Fortnite game .

SO  if you are gamer  of the Fortnite game than keep continue and grap the  prizes in your field gaming is also a big career option in now if your want to grap than you want play better online games on pc or phone then you can do easily and if you havce time then make a you tube channel and do on it online gaming or streaming online

now at last i correct these line with the help of pic according to the today’s world suggestion


absolutely right
absolutely right



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IMPORTANT INFORMATION linux operating system tutorial 2019



linux operating system 
linux operating system

In the computers many types of operating system have in which the linux operation system is the one of them . the linux operating system is open source . this is install in PC or laptop

I also  make a different blog on it  you can read also   for the detail information

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Now i tell you basic information about linux operating

Basic command of linux operating system

linux operating system 
linux operating system

First of all i say you install the linux operating system  in you PC or laptop  then  now i tell you basic command that you should know before start the linux operation

commands of Linux 

  •  pwd = this command show you your current directory  . in your PC you are  in which directory and its files.
  • ls       =  this command show you directory of all files or system . and if you want see hidden files  use tag A.
  • Cd      = CD command is used to change directory  and in case of you cannot find any directory type (/) file name.
  • mkdir= This command is used for making a new folder in  any directory
  • rmdir = This command is used for delete any empty directory
  • rm -r =  All file delete in directory

How to make any text or zip file in linux ?

touch (file name).text  

touch (file name).zip 

both of this command is used for the making of any file in terminal in linux 

And  if you want find any file in terminal in linux used ( located) command 

Important commands

  1. sudo = This is super user command  access after using this command you write directly  pkg install (packages name )
  2. In case if you want see your computer information than you can type uname 
  3. In some suggestion you were not confirm about the internet connection of the system  then in that time you can  type (ping

Some important shortcuts of linux operating system









Amazing DRONE YOU NEVER SEEN Potable 2019 video Drone top 5

Potable 2019 video Drone  top 5

In today blog i reaches for you about Potable 2010 video Drone  top 5 .top 5 drone for beginners those who is You Tuber or tik tok  maker. drone camera at cheap prize in India  these drones are also very good for the  aerial photography  all drones are present on online website


 1 Eachine e 58 Potable 2019 video Drone

Eachine e 58 drone
Eachine e 58

This is one of the most potable video Drone and in quality wise also very good this is very advance drone those who are doing shooting or make  tik tok video  you can do all work with this  video Drone Eachine e 58 .

This drone is different  from other because of his specification and potable size  you can carry anywhere in you pocket and easy to control & use

  • Eachine e58  is very good for the wifi  map function that placed in it  through this you can trace your  loaction  and capture your image
  • The folding  system and easy to usage also is different feature in it
  • In this potable drone special available  gravity sensor 
  • in eachine e 58 also  have a key take off or landing  that is also great feature in this drone 
  • The camera of this drone is 720 HD aerial camera
  • Also perfome 360 roll in air
  • 2.4 GHz  remote control

so this is information about the drone hope you understand


 2 Hobbico c he selfie Potable 2019 video Drone


  • you can take your selfies above and beyond  very good drone for the selfies lover
  • easy to take off or landing  with your  phone control
  •  you can make video as well as  take pictures  also
  • fully potable you can carry anywhere  also fix in your pocket
  • smooth and GPS tracking camera

 3 Jjrc 53w & 54w Potable 2019 video Drone

  • In this drone is good things is camera of this drone 480 HD camera
  • Very small in size easy to carry and use also
  • if this drone stack  with anything no problem 360 protection
  •  fold able arms  of this drone
  • one key takeoff  used in this drone
  • fully control by smart phone
  • HD aerial photography

 4 Jjrc h37 mini baby

  • 13 .5 cm small size and fully potable  video drone
  • separate remote and fully comfortable remote size
  • one key start drone
  • one hand control senor remote
  • headless mode also in their
  • attitude holder in this drone

5. Jjrc h51 rocket 360 video drone


rocket 360 drone
rocket 360 drone


  • Fully fold able desgine  build
  • Camera is very quality have 720 HD  camera
  • 90′  adjustable camera  lens they have in this drone
  • good build quality of this drone
  • one key start drone

I hope you like this information if you want get more information like this

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