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girls vs boys locker room

Bios locker room vs girls locker room?

girls vs boys locker room
girls vs boys locker room

According to research of zee news in New Delhi there is a chat group of schoolboys on Instagram called Bois Locker Room. In this Bois, Locker Room do illegal or shameful act on the internet. These boys abuse minor girls and even teachers and They talk about adult things on Instagram with small girls and do obscene comments on Instagram posts.

Bios locker room
Bios locker room

After the bunch of the day this account is exposed on the internet. The screenshot of chat is gone viral on the internet and Then the police are in action and The Bois Locker Room was a chat group of 21 school students aged between 15-19 years from Delhi and Noida

Girls locker room?

girls locker room
girls locker room


Where on social media boys locker room is viral in that situation a new group is emerging girls locker room. These girls also been accused of similar obscene comments and conversations and On this girls locker room also an allegation that this group perform Similarly activity that do boys locker room

In girls locker room  these girls do same obscene conversations with different boys and to see this On Monday he Delhi Commission for Women took suo moto cognizance of the case and sent the notices to Delhi Police to take action on this case

Bios locker room  Action?

bois locker room arrests
boys locker room arrests

Delhi Police Cyber Cell had written an FIR against unidentified persons under Sections of the (IPC) and the IT Act of India . and This is  become the first legal case to come out of an Instagram chat in India

This schoolboy has been taken into custody and more have been identified. and the other 20 boys soon in custody Delhi police is searching also trace mobile phone also. On this agenda many people put a meaningful message on social media like twitter. In this  the Mumbai Police post on twitter on this boys locker room 

Boys will be boys – never an acceptable excuse earlier, will never be one ever after #stopthemyoung


In the boys locker room, boys chat with a girl that is Members of this girls-only group are alleged to sexualize and objectify boys and body-shame both boys and girls . and they Leaked screenshots of the group that is been going viral on the social media platform.

bois locker room
boys locker room

This is not an act in which only boys include even girls also do these same things we need to tell this is wrong but in this girls are also perpetuating body-shaming and objectification via sexual things. Many people post on twitter like Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj.

we need to discuss on this or take action too but never do the same shutty things. Are India is digitalized day by day so we need to do the right activity on social media where the whole world is there. The youth represents the country we have to change India or Mentality of the people 




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