Top 10 high graphics racing games for android offline 2020 download in one click | Android offline racing games

Download Top 10 high graphics racing games for android offline 2020

Download Top 10 high graphics racing games for android offline 2020
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Are you a game lover? Do you also love racing games like me, then let’s talk about Download  Top 10 high graphics racing games for android offline 2020. I know you all are getting bore in the lockdown so now I have an enjoyable solution for you which is racing games because if you love the reaching game that’s why you read my blog. So I know you are game lover so that’s why this blog is for you about Download Top 10 high graphics racing games for android offline  2020.

While playing the game you face many problems like your social media notification disturb your concentration level and even sometimes you don’t have too much good internet connection and also your whole date is all most vanish while playing games. So all these things spoil your game experience of gameplay too, so I think this is not a good thing if we play the offline game then the source of disturbance is reduce and you will enjoy your game. If you want to download the in a single click you can also download from here


Life is a game. We must keep playing the game. The more we play, the more we will understand the game of life.     


 Amazing Facts About Racing Games That Will Make You Think Twice.

A game is how important only a true gamer can understand and if you are also game lover like then you know a game is important for us right. With the game, you can feel relax. And ignore each and every person who says the game is only a waste of time because with racing games you can develop your driving skills. With racing games the decision-making ability is boost. This is scientifically proven. and if you have any stress so I recommended start playing games so let’s start.

1. Asphalt Nitro

Download Top 10 high graphics racing games for android offline 2020
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I personally like this game and the reasons you also know Asphalt Nitro has great graphics that all gamers want in games. And when we talk about high graphics racing games for android offline and we don’t discuss about Asphalt Nitro that’s not fear. because if you racing  gamer lover than you absolutely know about Asphalt Nitro

Behind this game Gameloft is responsible and this is one of the popular companies for gaming. The exclusive thing is that this high graphically the game is offline. In this you have many luxury cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. and the stunning graphics are also great and various interesting missions in its.


Specification of Asphalt Nitro

  • In this Asphalt Nitro game you luxury cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini
  • In-game police chase you and that is a most popular feature of this and hope so you also love it
  • High-end graphic
  • Hard and interesting levels

Asphalt 8 Airborne

Download Top 10 high graphics racing games for android offline 2020
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Asphalt 8 Airborne racing game is launch in 2013 and also published by Gameloft this game is part of the Airborne series. And this is available for both iOS and Android and this game is free and offline racing game. And also in this game also you get luxury cars and also many mission that you loved it

Specification of Asphalt 8 Airborne

  • You got high-end graphic in this racing game
  • Asphalt 8 Airborne racing game has more than 250 cars events and very interesting mission 
  • In Asphalt 8 Airborne racing game  you got 3D effect while playing game
  • Amazing cars and modify option in it


Drag Racing

Download Top 10 high graphics racing games for android offline 2020
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The Drag Racing is also good racing. In this have to win the race and beat all of the participants. The roads of this Drag Racing racing game is also very good and hard. graphic of this Drag Racing is great and realistic you feel like this is really happen interface is good. And this game gets million of download and

This game is famous worldwide. I think this is because this game is operating offline so if you don’t have an internet pack or a good connection then you can also play this game. Drag Racing racing game offers multiplayer options too.

Specification drag Racing racing game

  • You can connect with your PC and play
  • You have the option to make your own garage
  • Realistic  feel
  • Great graphic


 Racing Fever

Download Top 10 high graphics racing games for android offline 2020
source google play

We have Fever of game racing fever the craziness of game no one can understand one you can understand so. In this racing fever best customize option. It is the most addictive if you play the first time you addict this racing fever. The best part of the racing fever is graphic and levels

Specification racing fever

  • When you end the level ending in slow-mo
  • You can also play with friends
  • Most famous racing game


Real Drift Car Racing

Download Top 10 high graphics racing games for android offline 2020

This Real Drift Car Racing is famous for the drafting game. In the gaming world you know that the drafting game is very less so this is also a great game. This is also an offline racing game for android. Real Drift Car Racing games toughest game. This game is tough because the control of racing games is hard while control the car the stability of the car is the main control.

Specification Real Drift Car Racing

  • Tough levels and control are hard
  • Great customization features
  • Many interesting modes in it like turbo increase power, turbo adding.


 GT Racing 2

Download Top 10 high graphics racing games for android offline 2020
source google play

Whatever dream car you think you find all most all luxurious find in this GT Racing 2. The interface of this GT Racing 2 android offline game is so good. And in terms of graphics this game is amazing. In GT Racing you have many luxurious cars like  Lamborghini and  Ferrari many others also. This is a highly downloaded game in racing games because of the variation of incredible vehicles.

Specification GT Racing 2

  • Amazing roads and graphics
  • More levels and tough too
  • Luxurious car
  • Stunning interior is really good
  • offline racing game


CSR Racing 2

Download Top 10 high graphics racing games for android offline 2020
source natural motion

Do you play this CSR Racing 2 game? If yes then you know about the graphic of the CSR Racing 2. And this is offline and after the CSR Racing 2 racing game provide you the best graphic that present in the ps4 look. this racing is most popular because of the luxurious car and realistic features. In this game you have to beat your participant and then level by level you can unlock all other cars.

Specification CSR Racing 2 game

  • Respond  like 3D game and amazing graphics
  • This type of game is offline
  • Make more point to unlock other cars


Asphalt Xtreme

Download Top 10 high graphics racing games for android offline 2020
source Asphalt Xtreme

This is also a segment of the Asphalt series. In our list, this game is not present that not fear with this game as you know this is an offline game and available for android. This game you see rough driving and cars are also very different very power cars present in Asphalt Xtreme racing game. The game experience of the Asphalt Xtreme is great due to traffic gameplay or realistic features.

Specification Asphalt Xtreme

  • Full customize option and upgrade your car
  • Offline game
  • level and hard mission more than 300 racing event
  • 3D experience and traffic graphic


Real Car Race Game 3D

Download Top 10 high graphics racing games for android offline 2020
source apkfab

This game Real Car Race Game 3D  published by GAMEXIS This is the best racing game for android in our list for you. If you like chasing the police and beat the police in-game then this game is for you. In this racing game, you have a high speed of your car and running your car on 8 lane wide highway 

In high, both sides normal vehicles are running too and in between, you have to chase the police and win that race while running the car you have a booster that heals your speed, and slowly the police care is increasing and you have to run the car as much you can.


Specification Real Car Race Game 3D

  • This game have multi-game mode drift, police chasing and many more
  • You have to chase the police and break the record to unlock the new luxurious car
  • You also have practice mode in which you can polish your driving skills
  • Offline game operating

Beach Buggy Racing 2

Download Top 10 high graphics racing games for android offline 2020
source youtube

Beach Buggy Racing 2 this is my personal favorite game and I love this game very much and I know you also love this game. this Beach Buggy Racing 2 low MB and high graphics racing game and The features of this game is also amazing the graphics are also good. again this is also the offline racing game with ultimate modes and levels day by day Beach Buggy Racing 2 upgrades and adding more interesting racing game features in it.

Specification Beach Buggy Racing 2

  • Offline racing game
  • Great graphics in low MB
  • Many modes to play
  • Customize you buggy


So all these are my research on car racing for android offline you can download also  so hope so you like it and if you are ps4 lover and you want to know about ps4 racing games so comment below I give you the fell knowledge about it

For more games visit here 

Fabulous news for call of duty players call of duty mobile launching A $1 million tournament you can play it

Call of duty mobile launching A $1 million tournament you can play it

Call of Duty
Call of Duty


yes if you are addicted of call of duty so this blog is for you because in this blog i tell you about latest news about call of duty tournament in which you can participate and win prizes also and in this blog i also  give you full information about the call of duty mobile launching a$1 million tournament and how you can participate in it and win prize

Call of duty launching a $1 million tournament how can you join 

  • When tournament  start 
  • what is Eligible  method
  • How to join tournament  step by step

When Call of duty tournament  start ? 



Call of Duty Mobile
Call of Duty


Activision will be hosting call of duty tournament with more than $1 million on the line . This call of duty is is one of the most played game and many people like it also . call of duty world level tournament  2020 begin on 30 april 2020 as on esport event  This tournament is being cosponsored by Sony. and in the lockdown this is good news for  call of duty lover

what is Eligible  method ?

Call of Duty
Eligible  method Call of Duty

The eligible method to join call of duty  mobile championship 2020 is who are ranked Veteran or higher in multiplayer call able to join this championship in level 1 from 30 april to 24 may . and to join this championship you must be 18+ . and you have no permission to modify your game with external device or software and the controls of this game is default set by  tournament administration


How to join tournament  step by step ?

Guru Gaming (@ScubyShivam) | Twitter

To join in this call of duty mobile  tournament  the following step help you

  • Click on  “Sign Up”  button in the call of duty game
  • First 10 ranked matches will be used to decide  your tournament points that help you to join tournament . If you reach more than 80 points in any weekend during the first level than you qualify for the second level
  • If you will  earn rewards for registering, progression through the qualifier round , and then you have a additional reward if you qualify if next round .
  • These qualifier points  will be swapped every weekend


visit here 

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Top 5 psp highly compressed games for android in download apk below 500 MB

Top 5 ppsspp highly compressed games

top 5 psp games apk download
top 5 psp games apk download

In today life in which we have many stress and tension about our work in which games play important role to reduce or stress level and also games increase contraction level in video games we  see many things that is does not exits in real world the reel world is full of imagination so with the study or work we need to to relax some people go on trip some watch movie and some play video games in android  .

so in this blog i tell you top 5 psp highly compressed games in android  and also give link to download  and i give original link to download zip file of the game so let’s see the games


1.God of war chains of Olympus

God of War: Chains of Olympus
God of war chains of Olympus

God of war is the one of the most famous games ever and the downloading of this games is very high near about more than 5 million people download it . in this game a story is tell that is about Greek mythology and when  as a player you are play kratos and start playing  through the story of the line on your screen

in this game the chains of Olympus franchise and you have to defeat enemies with a a horror and dark screen  the interface of this game is very dark and some horror scenes and with instruction  this game help you to clear the levels and of course this game is too good in the graphics and this is full HD games those who play  this game they know about this game or graphics too

Dowlnoad apk  

Download here

2.Need for speed most wanted

Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Need for speed most wanted

Need for speed is one of the most played game ever and  i am really a big fan of this game reasons is . in this game we feel real experience of driving and in the graphics this game is really great in this game you have many level to play and it very interesting


Need for Speed Video Games
Need for speed most wanted

in this game you need to defeat police cars that continues ruining behind you and you have to play save in score more and more  and in this game you have also other participants in which you can compete and you can also play dual player so if you not play this  game and you are racing lover so you need to try this game

Download here


3.FIFA 14

FIFA 14 - PlayStation

If you are football lover and you not play FIFA games and then you should to play this games in this games you can play football game in very good way in this games you have to do goal against team just like in real world and  in which many level you see and that is quit hard or interesting  in this game you need to make you strategy to play good  in this game you have more than  14 football clubs

Download here

Download here

4.Call of duty — road to victory

Call Of Duty Roads To Victory Ppsspp ...
Call of duty — road to victory

this is  a very good shooting game ever in the history of gaming because in this game we have many missions and its is tough too so the graphic of this game is too good . in this game you have a mission in which you have to destroy a military base camp and if you start new than you have normal guns and further with the high level you got big and powerful guns  that helps to destroy the enemy.

Download here 

Download here

5.Tekken 6

Tekken 6 ROM | PSP Games
Tekken 6

This game is my personal favorite  i play this game very long time i start to tekken 3 in which many layers have unique move and the graphic of game and the fighting place or player is really great and in this game you have many new players from tekken 3 and also upgraded is tekken 6 and players and loaction of fight is change and also improve the graphic and all things that we needed

Download here


this all link i copy from romsmode thanks to romsmode




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Things you know before invest in bitcoin // shocking info

How to invest in bitcoin


If you think about investing in the bitcoin  and you have no idea about investing then you can visit my another blog on share market  and lets start  about how to invest in bitcion and what we need to invest in  bitcion and how we can invest in bitcion  so  in this blog i cover all the related  topics to bitcion . bitcoin is the cryptocurrency  bitcion is not physical currency this is present on internet on only in virtual world . bitcion have not a origination that control it and no one is responsible for this for some crisis held in bitcion and in this blog i share all  the information about the bitcion.  Why we need to invest in bitcion . How to buy  bitcoin . How to invest savelly in bitcoin   all these topic we cover in this blog


Why we invest in bitcoin ?

As we know that for investing we have many option in this world like share marketing like share market or index fund or mutual fund but why we adopted bitcoin in all other options we have high risk and not getting to much profit not so high comparative  to bitcoin in bitcoin you have to take risk but at the end you get a great amount  and in bitcoin you need to serious in bitcoin or active to in this industry than you can grow in the bitcoin field . at last we have a question is from where these bitcoin comes lets see

How does bitcoin work   ? // what is bitcoin mining


bitcoin is not physical currency so to get the bitcoin coin we need to doing bitcoin mining through bitcoin mining we get the bitcoin and by bitcoin we convert into our own currency so to mine the bit coin we need high graphic card to control the processing for bitcoin mining  but our graphic card  is not sufficient to mining the today bitcoin and to see this problem the asic ( an application specify integrate circuit)  device introduced that help to mining the bitcoin

How to purchase bitcoin


To invest in bitcoin we need a broker and for that we have online methods through we can buy bitcoin and the name of that website is coinbase this is world largest bitcoin buying website through this you can buy bitcoin and in this website you are able to sell or buy the bitcoin. in coinbase the users get easy interface  to use coinbase support 30 + countries customers  included united state Europe , UK, Canada Australia and other way or website that make you able to buy  the bitcoin the name is  bitpanda , coinmama ,

What is right time to invest in bitcoin

well there is not a particular time when you invest in bitcoin but yes before you invest in bitcoin you need  to get information  a deep knowledge related about the  bitcoin and then you can invest but ofcouse  it is also depends on your country economic rate  if your country are rich in economically  and stable then you can invest because the country economic rate is very important in bitcoin so the right time to invest in bitcoin is when your country  economic is good

the price of bitcoin in India is 4,82,547.93 and bitcoin is not accept as a currency in India


All psp games highly compressed Android easy step by step 2020

What is PSP  Games?

PPSSPP - PSP Emulator HD 2018 for Android - APK Download
PSP  Games

 The full form of PSP is PlayStation Portable.PSP is a game console that was developed by Sony computer and competed with the  Nintendo gs as part of the 7th generation of video-game consoles. When PSP introduced it was most popular for entertainment purposes.

PSP is a new way to play games and when Sony Computer Entertainment first announced the development of PSP at a press conference preceding 2003. Although samples were not presented Sony released extensive Technical information CEO Ken Kutaragi called the device the walkmaN of the 21st century.

But many people do not have PSP to access to play and in many markets not available to buy and then people not get the benefit of it and then everyone has the smartphone so it was easy to play in android phone PSP games but How I aman tell you how ??????

PSP games in android !!!!

In-play store it was an app that helps to access to play PSP games in android phone easily the app Name is PPSSPP  in this app having many version like the first one that is my personal favorite  PPSSPP GOLD but in this version  have a minor problem that is this is paid


Ppsspp gold
Ppsspp gold

So you can try free version PPSSPP SILVER it was free on the play store  this PPSSPP is an emulator that helps you to play games of PSP in the android phone now after installed this app you want to download PSP  games from the internet

Android-powered PSP emulator PPSSPP adds support for Nvidia Shield ...

PSP games highly compressed

I provide your website which is doing help to download PSP games in the android phone website name that I recommended is  emuparadise this is one of the best websites to download PSP games for android. In this website, you download game one by one  and show you an easy method to play all PSP game in android


First of all, I tell you this app is a Chinese app after downloading this app you have to change language in English. App name is HAPPY CHICK download this app from play store if you not know the icon of this app I show you

Android için Happy Chick Apk 1.7.9 İndir

PSP games highly compressed

I show you how it was after open it and I use this app and must say this is a good app for those who have low memory in android phones but in the scene of graphic this was not so much good. The game will run and you can play too but the graphic is not so much good

In PPSSPP you want to download one by one game but its graphic is so good to play and after download this ppsspp app you also want a compressed app to compress or extra the file and after extra the game file past in internal android folder. In the internal storage a folder is android open that folder and find the OBB folder if you did not found it. Create a new folder with the name of obb. and past the file in this obb folder

Then you all most completely close all things and open ppsspp. and open the file in which your game is. Click on it and play it have fun