Fabulous news for call of duty players call of duty mobile launching A $1 million tournament you can play it

Call of duty mobile launching A $1 million tournament you can play it

Call of Duty
Call of Duty


yes if you are addicted of call of duty so this blog is for you because in this blog i tell you about latest news about call of duty tournament in which you can participate and win prizes also and in this blog i also  give you full information about the call of duty mobile launching a$1 million tournament and how you can participate in it and win prize

Call of duty launching a $1 million tournament how can you join 

  • When tournament  start 
  • what is Eligible  method
  • How to join tournament  step by step

When Call of duty tournament  start ? 



Call of Duty Mobile
Call of Duty


Activision will be hosting call of duty tournament with more than $1 million on the line . This call of duty is is one of the most played game and many people like it also . call of duty world level tournament  2020 begin on 30 april 2020 as on esport event  This tournament is being cosponsored by Sony. and in the lockdown this is good news for  call of duty lover

what is Eligible  method ?

Call of Duty
Eligible  method Call of Duty

The eligible method to join call of duty  mobile championship 2020 is who are ranked Veteran or higher in multiplayer call able to join this championship in level 1 from 30 april to 24 may . and to join this championship you must be 18+ . and you have no permission to modify your game with external device or software and the controls of this game is default set by  tournament administration


How to join tournament  step by step ?

Guru Gaming (@ScubyShivam) | Twitter

To join in this call of duty mobile  tournament  the following step help you

  • Click on  “Sign Up”  button in the call of duty game
  • First 10 ranked matches will be used to decide  your tournament points that help you to join tournament . If you reach more than 80 points in any weekend during the first level than you qualify for the second level
  • If you will  earn rewards for registering, progression through the qualifier round , and then you have a additional reward if you qualify if next round .
  • These qualifier points  will be swapped every weekend


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Top 5 psp highly compressed games for android in download apk below 500 MB

Top 5 ppsspp highly compressed games

top 5 psp games apk download
top 5 psp games apk download

In today life in which we have many stress and tension about our work in which games play important role to reduce or stress level and also games increase contraction level in video games we  see many things that is does not exits in real world the reel world is full of imagination so with the study or work we need to to relax some people go on trip some watch movie and some play video games in android  .

so in this blog i tell you top 5 psp highly compressed games in android  and also give link to download  and i give original link to download zip file of the game so let’s see the games


1.God of war chains of Olympus

God of War: Chains of Olympus
God of war chains of Olympus

God of war is the one of the most famous games ever and the downloading of this games is very high near about more than 5 million people download it . in this game a story is tell that is about Greek mythology and when  as a player you are play kratos and start playing  through the story of the line on your screen

in this game the chains of Olympus franchise and you have to defeat enemies with a a horror and dark screen  the interface of this game is very dark and some horror scenes and with instruction  this game help you to clear the levels and of course this game is too good in the graphics and this is full HD games those who play  this game they know about this game or graphics too

Dowlnoad apk  

Download here

2.Need for speed most wanted

Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Need for speed most wanted

Need for speed is one of the most played game ever and  i am really a big fan of this game reasons is . in this game we feel real experience of driving and in the graphics this game is really great in this game you have many level to play and it very interesting


Need for Speed Video Games
Need for speed most wanted

in this game you need to defeat police cars that continues ruining behind you and you have to play save in score more and more  and in this game you have also other participants in which you can compete and you can also play dual player so if you not play this  game and you are racing lover so you need to try this game

Download here


3.FIFA 14

FIFA 14 - PlayStation

If you are football lover and you not play FIFA games and then you should to play this games in this games you can play football game in very good way in this games you have to do goal against team just like in real world and  in which many level you see and that is quit hard or interesting  in this game you need to make you strategy to play good  in this game you have more than  14 football clubs

Download here

Download here

4.Call of duty — road to victory

Call Of Duty Roads To Victory Ppsspp ...
Call of duty — road to victory

this is  a very good shooting game ever in the history of gaming because in this game we have many missions and its is tough too so the graphic of this game is too good . in this game you have a mission in which you have to destroy a military base camp and if you start new than you have normal guns and further with the high level you got big and powerful guns  that helps to destroy the enemy.

Download here 

Download here

5.Tekken 6

Tekken 6 ROM | PSP Games
Tekken 6

This game is my personal favorite  i play this game very long time i start to tekken 3 in which many layers have unique move and the graphic of game and the fighting place or player is really great and in this game you have many new players from tekken 3 and also upgraded is tekken 6 and players and loaction of fight is change and also improve the graphic and all things that we needed

Download here


this all link i copy from romsmode thanks to romsmode




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Want to check are you corona positive or not . use Aarogya Setu app to know it

What is Aarogya setu app ?

Aarogya Setu App Download For Android IOS PC - Corona Tracking App

In this world where whole human society facing big  coronavirus pandemic and many people not even know that they is corona positive  and due to this they spread widely virus in society and due to that this virus is spreading more faster and that is not a good sign for us and to see this Indian government  find a solution !!

To check the you are corona positive or not Indian  government introduce a application is Aarogya setu app this is very helpful app for people who is not sure that they are corona positive or not  this app is available for both android or iPhone too  I  tell you in step by step

How to use Aarogya setu app

How to use Aarogya Setu App, a Coronavirus tracking app?

this app is fully illegal and trusted so don’t worry about any security reason  or any problem your device  is safe and i personal use it so don’t worry about it let’s see the step to use this app

Step 1  you need to download this app from play store and install it

step 2 ⇒ After downloading this app you need to select any language in which you are comfortable  and click on next button

step 3 ⇒ then you have to register in this app and click on register button to register in it

step 4 ⇒ after register aarogya setu app ask you some permission  you need to allow it and after reading term and condition you have to click  i Agree  button

step 5 ⇒ Then you have to enter your phone number  click next

step 6 ⇒ Then on that number you revived OTP and enter in the aarogya setu app click next

step 7 ⇒ Now you need to fill your personal information and details like age , gender location state are you travel outside of country in last 30 days or not and other optional things too  please fill it carefully and  click to submit button  and you have skip option too.

Aarogya Setu Most Popular App: Coronavirus app Aarogya Setu ...

step 7 ⇒ Now you see the information of corona virus and also assessment test to verify that your are corona positive is or not in this assessment you have to give answer to that answer and you have MCQ question and at last this aarogya setu app show you are you corona positive  or not and tell you risk

step 8 ⇒  In this app you also see that what you don or not in corona time and in this app also give the help line number for every state you can also call it

all these information helps you to use aarogya setu app and stay home stay safe


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Feeling Bored? 5 productive thing do to Improve Your CV During The Coronavirus Quarantine

5 productive thing do to Improve Your CV During The Coronavirus Quarantine

5 productive thing do to Improve Your CV During The Coronavirus Quarantine
Your CV During The Corona

In the coronavirus pandemic time we all are lock down in our houses of our governments also say stay home stay safe and in this pandemic time we all most all waste are time to sleeping or playing games that is not good because these things cannot add in your CV in interviews so we need to do that work in home which helps us to gap any jobs so lets see what’s it is 

so in this time many people work on digital to so that is also good think and attending meeting with the help of zoom app videoconferencing   so in many things in this app need improvement and it is also not safe for our device you can read whole article on my website

5 productive thing do to Improve Your CV During

1 Read or listen case study

Council Post: Stop Reading Business Books: The Importance Of ...In quarantine time  we need to gain knowledge that help us in our future and case study is the best option for you to increase your knowledge and this is osm time to boost our knowledge and in case study  we know about real experience to inspiration to do more work to  case study   you change your thinking and you do more work and that help in future

2 learn programming language 

What is Full Stack Development? Advantages of Full Stack ...

As we know this is digital world so that’s why the number of people take IT sector for  future  study and in technology  programming play massive role because it use in operating system and for the coder job or programmer job you need to learn programming languages and this is right time to learn programming languages

you learn many languages like c, c++, and if you are new in this field then according to me you learn python language and then you can learn other languages  python help you understanding the concept and of course this is quit easy language and most important  programming languages  is c is basic and c++ learn these two languages too

3 Start YouTube channel

How to Start a YouTube Channel | CooperVision

Many people want to start a YouTube channel but in working time this is not possible and now you can start your YouTube channel and give the information to other or adopt you A category  in which you are perfect or you know more information and share on YouTube channel and search about YouTube channel and apply on channel in this process you learn many things and you feel difference in you

4 Follow your passion Blackboard With The Text Follow Your Passion Stock Photo, Picture ...

change your passion into profession yes follow your passion learn about your passion and do that work in which you feel happiness to do . make your passion your  profession  passion is that if some not pay you for it you can do passion is that if you not need reason to do it you can do it for your happiness follow it if you do this in free then you of course do when you getting money through it that make your life too and bank balance too

5 website , blogging Why You Should Build a WordPress Website | IndigoThemes

yes make your website and do work on it because in this 21 century  every second person have their own website and many people make money through it so if you not know about it read our article for the more information    

on the website you can put you passion through it you can get money or experience too  and  search on google number of people many money through it and you can also do it and IF YOU WANT TO MAKE YOUR WEBSITE IN RIGHT OR PRODUCTIVE MANNER CONTACT WE GUIDE YOU   and foe further information you can comment us we reply you and solve your problem too

Stay safe  stay home 

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Are you use zoom app ? Beware it dangerous for you. precautions use safely

Are you use zoom app ?

zoom techwithadh

If yes then this blog is quit important for you . as we know that in this world we facing a    massive problem that is  covid 19 and it is very dangerous for whole human society and due to this in many countries we facing lock down  in whether is it India or USA 

and due to this our all colleges or school is closed and we facing many huddles related to our study in India a lot of even not finish board exams to and to see this we cannot stop our studies and of cause this is digital world so we need to find a solution for student or our youth 


zoom app
zoom app

so we find a digital solution for the overcome of this problem that is zoom app . so if you not know about this app don’t worry i tell you about this app . so in this app we have a host who conducted the meeting and they send password or ID to join this meeting and for joining the all participants should download this app to and then they can join that meeting through the help of ID or password

How to use zoom app ?


Apple updates Mac to fix faulty video conferencing app

Step 1 ⇒  You need to download this app form play store 

Step 2 ⇒   Install it in your device to use 

step 3 ⇒ if you want to be host or organizer then you need to sign in th

an you                        have option on your screen to meeting , join etc 

step 4 ⇒ if you want to conduct the meeting go on meeting and share link with                your  friends who can join this meeting and you can also share the screen 

Yeah so the with the help of this app many of business or schools teacher conduct the meeting and deliver the important lecture and many business run on this app and of course this is quit easy to use everyone and this app really a lot of people in during lockdown and also this is one of the most downloaded app in duration of lockdown  its is 2 .5 million and its increase in between December to march that means in  the duration of lockdown

Things are always either black or white

And yes everything  has merits and demerits too…….

If some people use zoom app for good purpose and also other use in bad way

why google banned zoom app  ?

Google is training machines to predict when a patient will die ...

where the whole world is using zoom app and here Google banned zoom app to their employees why let’s see google told their workers cannot use zoom app on laptop anymore and also say to uninstall if due to certain reasons

Google is ban the most famous  zoom videoconferencing app and  in this month google send emails  employees who use zoom app on laptop they see some security vulnerability and says that stop using zoom app on laptops or stop working on zoom app

the headquarter of zoom app in San Jose California this app went in market in 2019 . the CEO of zoom app Eric Yuan this company aimed that to run webinars  and meeting among team member or a couple of people but this zoom app  is highly used in duration of lockdown in whole world in the march ending this app is total 100 million download on play store

Google bans employees from using Zoom on their devices
google banned zoom

zoom app is not made for this huge use may be that’s why we facing a lot security  problem in it  by the investigation of motherboard tell us that zoom app for iPhone or iPad  sent data of the user  device to Facebook. and now zoom app stopped sending data to Facebook in yesterday

NSA hacker discovered  a zoom security that issue that allow to inferior actors to controls the users microphones or web cameras and many people complains that unknown enter in theirs meeting and also show adult content unknown persons and last week company said some video call is connect by mistakenly its happen to poor connection of server

Google is not only one company who banned zoom app in this month Elon  Musk’s rocket company spaceX  also banned zoom app to their employees

How to use zoom app safely or precautions ?


So how we can use zoom app safely in our devices we have to take some certain precautions for use zoom app safely so here i tell you some important precautions that you should take before use of zoom app because many teacher or gym trainer or business CEO conducted the meeting with the help of zoom app so you should know about it let’s see in step by step

Step 1 ⇒ use one time unique id when hosting 

use one time unique id when hosting if you not change the hacker or another person easily enter in your device and operate you device  you change it in every new meeting

step 2 ⇒required meeting password 

In this you need to set a strong password in zoom app so that the unknown person not able to enter in your personal meeting in default setting you don’t have password so change it and set a strong password

Step 3 ⇒ create a waiting room

I tell you 5 easy step in which you can use zoom app safely  step 1 is create a waiting room for your next participants  if you not do this everyone can enter in you meeting without permission and if you create a waiting room they should need permission of host to join or not

step 4 ⇒ select only host can share screen 

In this make sure if you are hosting in your setting the screen share is only for you not everyone it is also help to you

step 5 ⇒ kick out unruly people 

when you hosting the meeting and  make sure that if unknown person  enter in your meeting kick as soon as possible  its safe your device or information too

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Why linux Kali tools is important Top 10 linux tools

why linux Kali tools is important

As we know that linux Kali  is best operating system to hacking and coding purpose because it is open sources operation system in which you can make program in your own ways  for  more information you can check my another blog. so in linux Kali we have many tools that help us to doing  various operation so let’s see the tools and know about the uses

Top best 10 linux Kali tools

In linux Kali there various tools that help you to doing hacking operation and penetration  operations so in this blog we see this how  we can use this tools in our operations  this is very important to know about it because linux Kali is  coding base operating system  in which only code is running not anythings else you you have know about it so chaliya shuru karta ha 

1    Tool for linux Kali { Nmap }

kali linux
kali linux

Nmap is also know as a  network mapper  this is the one of the most popular tool in linux Kali  that is widely use by users for the penetration or hacking purpose this is very famous for the information gathering . to get insight the hots and its IP adders and many other networks security information  details we get these all information by using Nmap tool

Tool for linux Kali   { WPScan }

kali linux
kali linux

WordPress is one of the most famous for the make for website it would be  best free WordPress security auditing  tools and if you want to know about the your WordPress website and find the vulnerability  in it  so in that case WPScan is the best option  for you  and with this WPScan give you many information about your website like about your plugin and many other a lot of information

3 Tool for linux Kali  { Hydra }

kali linux
kali linux

Hydra is very interesting tools in linux Kali this is use for decode or crack the password  and its is all most per installed    and this is also present on github  this is favorite of many hackers due to this feature this is widely used for the cracking the password it help a lot when you forget your password then you can use this

4  Tool for linux Kali  { Metasploite framework }

kali linux
kali linux

This is mostly used in among people  this is widely used for the penetration testing framework  and this is come in two version one is open sources and another one is paid versions as you know that in open sources you will get less option comparatively to per version in per version you will get many more things and other things

5 Tool for linux Kali { Apktool }

this is also  most popular  tools in linux Kali  among people  this is used foe the revers engineering of android app through this you are able to develop new things  and this is very helpful for the developer and many people like also and they use this features  for to educational purpose  with this you can do experiment with your project and make some other idea

6 Tool for linux Kali { Autopsy forensic brower  }

Autopsy forensic brower
Autopsy forensic brower

autopsy is the one of the best option for the digital  forensic tool  to investigate  what happen on your PC they will show you all information about your PC. this is also used for recovering the images for memory card

7 Tool for linux Kali  {  Nikto }

kali linux
kali linux

This is used for the web server scanner  this features make one of the best tool in linux kali  . it check the against  powerful dangerous files or vires  and old version old version of servers  and many other things

8 Tool for linux Kali  { Aircrack-ng }

kali linux
kali linux

this is  used for the hack of wifi or if you forget  your password then you can use this for reconnect . it is collection of tools to accesses the wifi network security  and it is also able to compromise  a network ( WEP , WPA 1 , WPA 2 ), this is widely used for the hacking attack  or wireless attack

9 Tool for linux Kali { wireshark }

kali linux
kali linux

wireshark is  most widely used to network analyzer  that comes with linux kali . it is most used linux used  tools for the  network sniffing  and most interesting things is that is is easy to install   and operate

10 Tool for linux Kali { splmap }

kali linux
kali linux

If you are looking for the  open sources penetration  tool in linux kali  in case this will help you it is automatic processing of  exploiting SQL injection , it help many users in linux kali operating system

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Things you know before invest in bitcoin // shocking info

How to invest in bitcoin


If you think about investing in the bitcoin  and you have no idea about investing then you can visit my another blog on share market  and lets start  about how to invest in bitcion and what we need to invest in  bitcion and how we can invest in bitcion  so  in this blog i cover all the related  topics to bitcion . bitcoin is the cryptocurrency  bitcion is not physical currency this is present on internet on only in virtual world . bitcion have not a origination that control it and no one is responsible for this for some crisis held in bitcion and in this blog i share all  the information about the bitcion.  Why we need to invest in bitcion . How to buy  bitcoin . How to invest savelly in bitcoin   all these topic we cover in this blog


Why we invest in bitcoin ?

As we know that for investing we have many option in this world like share marketing like share market or index fund or mutual fund but why we adopted bitcoin in all other options we have high risk and not getting to much profit not so high comparative  to bitcoin in bitcoin you have to take risk but at the end you get a great amount  and in bitcoin you need to serious in bitcoin or active to in this industry than you can grow in the bitcoin field . at last we have a question is from where these bitcoin comes lets see

How does bitcoin work   ? // what is bitcoin mining


bitcoin is not physical currency so to get the bitcoin coin we need to doing bitcoin mining through bitcoin mining we get the bitcoin and by bitcoin we convert into our own currency so to mine the bit coin we need high graphic card to control the processing for bitcoin mining  but our graphic card  is not sufficient to mining the today bitcoin and to see this problem the asic ( an application specify integrate circuit)  device introduced that help to mining the bitcoin

How to purchase bitcoin


To invest in bitcoin we need a broker and for that we have online methods through we can buy bitcoin and the name of that website is coinbase this is world largest bitcoin buying website through this you can buy bitcoin and in this website you are able to sell or buy the bitcoin. in coinbase the users get easy interface  to use coinbase support 30 + countries customers  included united state Europe , UK, Canada Australia and other way or website that make you able to buy  the bitcoin the name is  bitpanda , coinmama , CEX.io

What is right time to invest in bitcoin

well there is not a particular time when you invest in bitcoin but yes before you invest in bitcoin you need  to get information  a deep knowledge related about the  bitcoin and then you can invest but ofcouse  it is also depends on your country economic rate  if your country are rich in economically  and stable then you can invest because the country economic rate is very important in bitcoin so the right time to invest in bitcoin is when your country  economic is good

the price of bitcoin in India is 4,82,547.93 and bitcoin is not accept as a currency in India


motorola Razr 2019 latest phone launching date , prize

Motorola razr  2019

Motorola razr  
Motorola razr

motorola Razr 2019  latest phone launch on TODAY   and all are very excited  to see this Motorola Razr latest phone and this is because in motorola Razr phone they give us folding facility

yes the motorola Razr 2019 is fold able phone you can fold it and it will compress in size so that’s why  all are waiting of this phone and really the look of this motorola Razr phone is also great and building material is also good so let’s see the other important information related of  motorola Razr phone the price of  motorola Razr 2019 last year in San Francisco at a price $1,500 and today this motorola Razr 2019 official launch in India at 12:30 pm the teaser of this motorola Razr 2019 is also present on flip cart which give you a little bit hint about the this motorola Razr 2019 phone

specification of motorola Razr 2019

Display (primary)  6.2 inch (876-2142)
Processor  qualcomm snapdragon 710
Front camera  5 MP
Rear camera 16 MP
Storage 128 GM
Battery  2510 mAh
Os  Android 9.0 pie


So at above i give all detail in short so you can understand easily all detail and this phone launch today 16 march 2020 if you want to see goo on flip cart Microsoft to watch  the live session of motorola Razr 2019 launching and you can also go on you tube official channel of motorola Razr 2019

Summary of motorola razr (2019)

motorola Razr 2019
motorola Razr 2019

motorola Razr 2019  specification is 6.2 -inch OLED screen with a 2.19 ratio .when you folded  you will get a 2.7-inch  screen and on this screen you will see your all notification and motorola Razr 2019 also give fingerprint sensor at the bottom of screen in this smart phone this will sport 2 camera one is 16 MP and an in this camera many features is include like night mode , EIS other one is   5 MP on the front screen that can be used for the selfie and when you fold the phone you can also do video chat with it and in this motorola Razr 2019  and battery backup is 2510 mAh this not good to much but average it is but this will provide quick charging also in it  . the processor of this motorola Razr 2019 is snapdragon 710 . the front camera is 5 MP and rear camera is 16 MP come with 128 storage capacity and  expected prize in India  motorola Razr 2019  phone is 108,290


Revolt RV 400

Revolt RV 400
Revolt RV 400

Revolt RV 400  is the one of the most interesting bike in India only because of a new electric bike and users is very happy in this bike also have disk break in front and lets talk about prize in India RS 3999 per month  yes this also available  on EMI . Revolt RV 400 has various prize RS 3499 and this EMI you have to pay continuously 37 months and this pretty bike  Revolt RV 400 available in two colors and also see Revolt RV 400 PRICE IN INDIA

its totally  prize is RS 98,999 to 1 lakh

Specification of Revolt RV 400

Motor power 3000 W
Battery Charging Time 3 TO 4.5 HOURS
Range 150 KM CHARGED



the prize is this Revolt RV 400 is  prize is RS 98,999 in showroom and its charges extra for the RTO or insurance or 4g connective the states where this Revolt RV 400   is available that is Tamil nadu Gujarat and Telangana  and many others cities of the India . the top speed of this Revolt RV 400   is 85 km this speed is maximum speed of this amazing Revolt RV 400   bike. and in this Revolt RV 400   bike there is no gear.

Merits and demerits of Revolt RV 400

revolt rv400 electric bike
revolt rv400 electric bike

firstly er talk on merits of Revolt RV 400  bike, this is compact bike and not heavy in weight also and after that  and most good think in this is this Revolt RV 400   bike run on battery and this help us alot  to save money because  petrol is very expensive and through this new technology make us more comfortable   and design of this Revolt RV 400   bike is also amazing and lets talk about  on demerits of Revolt RV 400   this is not available any where the service of this bike is less in India so this make more uncomfortable


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WHAT IS RASPBERRY PI prize, use full detail


Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi

If you are also that person who are perrty mush interest in hacking and that my dear this is for you. if you never heard about RASPBERRY PI then i tell you all information in it so lets start

RASPBERRY PI is the small potable computer that you can carry with you anywhere . RASPBERRY PI is single board  computer that developed in United kingdom. it is develop UK for teachings purpose this is small computer in which you can do programming  very easily  through raspberry pi  so more information keep reading this blog

How many type of Raspberry Pi  model is

In Raspberry Pi we have there type in it  first is pi 1, pi 2, pi 3, so this is three type of Raspberry Pi now in this we have model also generally model A and model B most of generation . model A have less performance in it and also cheaper variant in it reduce ram and USB port

Model launching date prize
Pi model B 2012 $35
Pi model A 2013 $25
Pi model B+ 2014 $35
Pi model  A+ 2014 $20
Pi model B 2015 $35


Is the Raspberry pi open source ?

resbperry pi is operates open source  ecosystem in this we run linux and its main  supporting operating system the resbperry pi foundation contribute to linux and various open source  operates as well they want to do fully open sourced so that help the programmer to coder when they do there work

What  Raspberry pi  Do

 raspberry pi
raspberry pi

some people resbperry pi used for the purpose coding or resbperry pi give you a very good paltfrom in which you can develop your skill through coding . resbperry pi give you permission in it to do your own project or what you want to do in it  . many many people like because of there size or price . resbperry pi us portable or multi tasking so you want to interested to buy you can buy it the link given below


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