Terrific OnePlus 8 5G to go on a  Limited Sale at 12 pm today via Amazon.in: Price and specification in india review

OnePlus 8 to go on a  Limited Sale at 12 pm today

OnePlus 8 Special Limited Sale at 12pm Today: Price in India ...
source NDTV gadgets

Latest OnePlus 8 5G was launched in India in April but the smartphones were not available for purchase for a long time due to the lockdown so now you have to opportunity to but this latest OnePlus 8 5G

OnePlus 8 will go on sale on Amazon at 12 pm today at a starting price of Rs 41,999

If you also want to buy a smartphone then OnePlus 8 5G, the cheaper smartphone goes on special sale today in India at 12 pm.

OnePlus 8 Series was launched globally on April 14 but in India due to lockdown this smartphone is not available

This OnePlus 8  is not available in red zone area and not able to deliver in that lace

OnePlus 8 special limited sale in India today at 12PM: price ...
source 91 mobile

The smartphone comes in new  Green and Interstellar Glow color variants in addition to the regular  Black. You can also get a discount of Rs 2,000 on OnePlus 8 if you make the payment by the SBI Credit card so this is a good thing for you so if you are looking for buying a smartphone then this is best chance to you Customers can also get a Rs 1,000 cashback in the Amazon wallet by pre-booking the smartphone

OnePlus 8: Price in India, Specifications

OnePlus 8 launch: OnePlus India launch highlights: OnePlus 8 ...
source economic time

This OnePlus 8 is available in three different storage options in the country.

  • 6 GB RAM + 128 GB storage variant is priced at Rs 41,999
  • 8 GB RAM + 128 GB storage variant is priced at Rs 44,999
  • 12 GB RAM + 256 GB internal storage variant will cost you Rs 49,999


6.55-inch (1080×2400)


Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

Front Camera


Rear Camera

48MP + 16MP + 2MP





Battery Capacity



Android 10

So this is full information and if you want any other information about technology so you can comment below I make a blog on it. And There is also no-cost EMI on the device for up to 12 months.

So if you want to buy on a discount so you can buy from here

Buy on discount

Beware if you ever install TikTok? its dangerous your for smartphone technical guruji review

Beware if you ever install TikTok? 

Beware if you ever install TikTok? its dangerous your for your smartphone technical guruji review
source Deccan herald

TikTok so this is a Chinese small video app in which you make small videos. and if you have a smartphone then the problem you also install TikTok at a time. But do you know this app is dangerous for you? it’s dangerous for your smartphone? so in this blog, I gonna tell you some threats of TikTok and also tell you percussion of TikTok.

according to a Forbes report that Forbes confirmed the vulnerability in its communications. TikTok is also a threat to child safety and national security. TikTok have not good security policies and TikTok tracks your location your smartphone whole data and TikTok can sell your data any time if someone wants to buy.

How TikTok harms you?

tiktok dangerous
source youtube

When you install TikTok in your smartphone. TikTok asking you for some permission like using for camera or location etc many other things so that a wrong step is. when you give permission TikTok in your smartphone then TikTok have full access of your phone then it stores your whole data in servers

You also login to this app and after that you have access to make your TikTok account you that is also a big problem for you. You give access to TikTok you Gmail or Facebook account and with this TikTok also have access to your social media accounts so it is dangerous of your smartphone.

 Safety measures of TikTok

 Safety measures of TikTok 
source firstcry parenting

If you install TikTok in a smartphone and now you have to save your data then you are write place keep reading the blog, the following step helps you.

  • Fist of all delete your TikTok account
  • Remove your email from TikTok
  • Use TikTok without login
  • Go in your device setting and remove your email or Facebook from TikTok app
  • Remove your email or Facebook id that you use to login TikTok
  • Best safety measure is deleting TikTok

Technical guruji  review on TikTok

The famous tech youtube Technical Guruji is a recently uploaded video on TikTok and telling the various reason to not use the TikTok. In his video, Technical Guruji says this is a waste of time so don’t use such type of app like TikTok and hello many other short video apps

In the last video, Technical Guruji also delete TikTok from his all smartphones. Technical Guruji also says that in this app many adults and animal harassment and women harassment type content uploaded they distract our upcoming youth and In TikTok, there is no particular section for kids every content is available for all types of persons.

Technical Guruji also says that don’t be addicted to TikTok like other apps don;t waste your time and energy in these type of platforms use your mind and time in some productive work

Technical Guruji also appreciates good tiktoker who makes nice content on TikTok but also says that this time of persons is in less amount so don’t use TikTok save your time and energy.


If you want your data will not share with anyone so delete TikTok or your account too. these chines app waste our time or energy to so do some good work and if you ever use TikTok in you phone soo delete it and Remove your email or Facebook id that you use to login to TikTok. if you face any problem in it you can comment us

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Do you think CarryMinati “Yalgaar” video breaks all records? Yalgaar carryminati video latest video 2020

Yalgaar carryminati video latest video 2020

After deleting carryminati most liked and records breaking video carryminati disappointed from youtube community guideline because this video of carryminati breaks all records and all youtube also supports carryminati and after that carryminati also make a video on the wrong assumption and that video response is also very good. now a new video of carryminati is coming soon Yalgaar carryminati video latest video 2020 So many people excited for latest  Yalgaar

Yalgaar carryminati video coming soon
source youtube

So now carryminati upload Yalgaar video on their official youtube channel The meaning of  Yalgaar is attacked may be carryminati do somethings big and In this video carryminati says many things about this matter. In Yalgaar video carryminati show full story and response that they are getting from the deleted video

Yalgaar carryminati latest video

In Yalgaar carryminati show the response of that deletes video and also showing the  comments  in which people appreciate carryminati work and many people tweet to support carryminati video than in that video carryminati show suddenly youtube delete that most responding video of carryminati


Yalgaar carryminati video coming soon
source youtube

Everyone is disappointed with youtube community guideline decision because on youtube many adults and many crunch video is available but meanwhile why only carryminati video is deleted from youtube. after deleting carryminati video carry is highly disappointed and sad too and from midnight this video deletes and carryminati even not taking his sleep as well from 12 hours

In Yalgaar carryminati also say that he not doing any wrong activity in their life but after that youtube deletes his video and he is totally disappointed with that decision and indirectly carryminati want to say that Yalgaar meri kahaani coming soon.

Yalgaar carryminati video coming soon
source youtube

Carryminati big statement in Yalgaar latest video

Carry roast karta ha ,Carry bhut zor sa roast karta ha , Or Carry roast karga


In Yalgaar carryminati may again roast TikTok or maybe roast youtube due to wrong decision youtube community guidelines and probably its a distract video and maybe carryminati explain there the whole journey of youtube in Yalgaar meri kahaani. It seem like In this Yalgaar carryminati breaks all the record. And In this video carryminati follow all the community guideline its mean this video will not take down by youtube so let’s see what happen…………

carryminati deleted video if you want to see click here

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Amazing Top 5 Best dating app free 2020 | Best free matrimony apps review

Top 5 Best dating app free 2020

latest dating app 2020
source google

In 21 century everything goes online. If you want to buy anything somethings food or any other items you can do online, so why not dating. Yes now online dating is possible you have many dating websites or dating applications in which you can date with someone. So in this blog, I wanna show you Amazing Top 10 Best dating app free 2020. in this lockdown many people search for this so now you can now more about it.

Best Dating Apps 2020
source google

If we talk about online dating app or dating websites is all most every app or website is paid. If you want to chat with the opposite gender you want to pay for that. And all most every dating app or dating websites are paid so many people face the problem and they not afford that app so in this app I show you Top 10 Best dating app free 2020and that is totally free to chat and not paid to that dating or dating websites


  1. Crush
  2. Badoo
  3. Mingle 2
  4. OkCupid
  5. Skout

1. Crush dating app

latest dating app 2020
source google

This is also a good app for love and marriages. This app is totally free and the rating of this dating app is also good on google play store 4.6 rating. And in this app, you can chat with the opposite gender in free. The latest you have is truth and dare

Specification of crush dating app

  • Only mutual friends can chat with each other
  • Truth and dare is also features added in this app
  • You can like and comment on any post
  • Rating of this dating app is 4.6
  • 100,000+ download

2. Badoo dating app

latest dating app 2020
source google

Badoo dating app used by 300+million people form many countries. the specialty of this app is you found a match in your area like tinder does. In this dating app if you want to purchase you will get many advance features in that version you get many premium experience you can verify your account too

Specification of Badoo dating app

  • You can send only 2 messages after replying you can chat continuously
  • you can chat only verified person
  • You can browse even if you are offline
  • One of the largest dating app in the world
  • Rating on play store 4.3
  • Available of both android or iOS

3. Mingle 2 dating app

latest dating app 2020
source google

This is also a good dating app with million downloads in this app you meet stranger people and talk, in this app most people are real in this dating app not bots so you are looking for a real app that finds your partner so you can try this. the downloads of this dating app is 5,000,000+. In this app, there is no limitation of friends you can add unlimited

Specification of mingle 2 

  • you can find real people nearby your area
  • Rating of this app is 4.4
  • You can send unlimited message In free version
  • Available for both android or iOS

4. OkCupid

latest dating app 2020
source google

OkCupid is also a good dating app in this app you can dating with anybody I mean opposite gender. And this dating app is user friendly. Many people use this app because in this app mostly are real. And you purchase this dating app then you will get some more option

Specification of OkCupid

  • In this dating app, you can set your dating preferences
  • You can focus only on the attachment you are interested
  • Available for both android or iOS
  • Excellent filter and search options

5. Skout dating app

latest dating app 2020
source google

Skout dating app is also good in this dating app you do random chant with unknown peoples to do more chat you want to shake your phone then you can chat with new people. In this you meet randoms people and after that, if both like each other you can share a phone number and other details too it’s your choice.

Specification of Skout dating app

  • Rating of this dating app is 4.3
  • you can save any profile picture
  • 50,000,000+ download
  • Available for both android or iOS
  • Real account

So this is my research on this topic so comment me which one dating app you like most so  for most interesting blog k lea visit here


Youtube vs TikTok CarryMinati rating down TikTok | TikTok ban government take serious action 2020

Youtube vs TikTok CarryMinati

Unpopular Opinion : Dear Roastmasters of Youtube, It's Not The ...

Youtube vs TikTok makes a big issue on the internet. As you know carryminati make roast video on TikTok in youtube. carryminati breaks many records after making the roast video on  TikTok. carryminati is the first who gain most subscribes on youtube in such a short time. And this Youtube vs TikTok makes a very big issue among people. Through this act, the rating of youtube is also down day by day.

TikTok was in Huge Trouble: Tik Tok may be BAN in India

On this act Youtube vs TikTok Many government ministers and other big celebration tweets on twitter and This act  Youtube vs TikTok also telecasts on television news channels. After this Youtube vs TikTok roast the fans of carryminati do rating down TikTok on google play store. before carryminati roast the rating of TikTok is 4.5 now the current rating of TikTok is 1.3. On app store the rating of TikTok is still 4.5.

carryminati video delete Youtube vs TikTok


Carryminati video  Youtube vs TikTok is gone viral within 3 hours. And carryminati breaks records on youtube. And Then youtube delete carryminati video on youtube.  to see this youtube delete carryminati video fans of carryminati is offend from this and on the internet one hashtag is comes in trends #BringBackCarryMinatiYoutubeVideo.

Carry Minati Fan club (@CarryMinatiFann) | Twitter

The carryminati video delete from youtube because of cyberbullying but carryminati deny these statements. And then the whole youtube community say this brings back carryminati video. and during this acts the Hindustani bhau, Guru Randhawa, and famous youtube Bhuvan bam also support carryminati.

Amir Siddiqui reply to carryminati video

Amir Siddique reply to carryminati | YouTube vs Tik tok | hindi ...

Basically carryminati roast Amir Siddiqui in his video and after this Amir Siddiqui is really to carryminati video. On Instagram amir Siddiqui gives a swipe up video of carryminati in story. and also post that Great video and this does not end this is interval. and after this amir, Siddiqui makes a video on this Youtube vs TikTok and says some points mainly Amir Siddiqui point out on TikTok girls roasting video that elvish Yadav make. After making elvish Yadav girls getting offense messages.

carryminati break record on youtube

CarryMinati Breaks All Records - Gain 3 Million Subs with 7.9 ...

After making Youtube vs TikTok roast video on Amir Siddiqui. Carryminati breaks many records on youtube. And carryminati breaks also Ashish Chanchlani record in terms of subscribers and now the Carryminati is second-highest subscriber youtube in India. This roast video of Amir Siddiqui  make carryminati more famous and in following points you know more about carryminati record

Ashish Chanchlani BEST Reaction On Carryminati TikTok vs YouTube ...

  1. To cross 1M likes ( 2hrs )
  2. To cross 2M likes ( 5 hrs )To cross 3M likes ( 9hrs )
  3. To cross 4M likes ( 17hrs )
  4. To cross 5M likes ( 22hrs )
  5. To have most likes in the first 24 hrs ( 5.2M)
  6. To have 2nd most number of likes in the world in the first 24 hrs (5.2M )
  7. To have most likes on YouTube ( currently 10M )( date May 13 )
  8. To have 2nd most number of comments on any Indian video on YouTube (823K)
  9. To gain most subscribers in 24 hrs ( 1.3M )
  10. To have most comments in the first 24 hrs ( 461K )
  11. To be 8th most viewed video in the first 24 hrs (19.96M)

Carryminati final reply | STOP MAKING ASSUMPTIONS | YOUTUBE VS TIK ...

So this is some record that carryminati breaks by only one video Youtube vs TikTok on roast of Amir Siddiqui. After delete carryminati video carryminati is again make a video in carryminati say stop make assumption And on this video carryminati also get great response within 1 hour 1 million cross.

Carryminati supports from  (Bollywood)

Bollywood support carryminati !! ☺️♥️ - YouTube

After deleting carryminati roast video on youtube and then many supports support carryminati and in this duration the famous star Guru Randhawa tweet on their social media (twitter) and say don’t worry carryminati and appreciate carry work in the photo as you can see that.


Shakti Mann as you know real name Mukesh Khanna is also support youtube and carryminati and he is also making a video on youtube. In his video, Mukesh Khanna is said this carryminati is big YouTubers everyone listens to you so be careful when you use the word and support carry too.

Paresh Rawal demands tik tok ban ! - YouTube

Paresh Rawal is also tweeted on twitter TikTok ban so these celebrities also say That TikTok banned in India. behind TikTokban we have many reasons on TikTok have many adults and criminal promoter and animals offense acts is present on TikTok.

Ministers tweets ban TikTok

Faizal Siddiqui in trouble: NCW to take action on TikTok video ...

After carryminati roast everybody focus on TikTok. And on TikTok platform, many videos promote oppression things, and them TajinderBagga tweet with video in which people throwing a stone on army soldiers and in another video someone invites criminal Dawood Ibrahim in India and also #tag Mr. Amit shahDGPmaharashtra and TikTok India and saying to take serious action on it.

TikTok in big trouble; NCW to seek total ban amid objectionable ...

Rekha Sharma the chairperson of NCWIndia (national commission of women) also shares 2 videos on twitter on women violence and #Tag TikTok India and asked to remove this type of content and also saying that TikTok should be banned in India as you can see in pictures.

Reasons to ban TikTok

Tiktok ban in India? | Breaking News | The Scrbblr

To ban TikTok we have many reasons. On TikTok, many video is uploaded on animal violence and hurts and animals and also promotes rape and many other college or adult things. All these content spread negativity among people. Everyone uses TikTok our youngster so they all learn unethical activities so in TikTok, many video is not age proof so this is the reason to ban TikTok.


TikTok India (@TikTok_IN) | Twitter

To see all these actions whether it is rating down of TikTok or other things TikTok reply yesterday on this topic. On Twitter TikTok India tweet yesterday that TikTok promotes only safe and positive content on TikTok. TikTok want to make a positive environment on top priority and also say we take action on it and takedown all that videos

TikTok DOs or DON’Ts

TikTok Becomes The Most Downloaded Social Media App In Q1 2020 ...

TikTok also shares some DOs or DON’Ts points. On TikTok, we showcase creativity and bring joys and create a safe and supportive environment, and some points also share that we DON’Ts do on TikTok like not doing the dangerous activity or no sexual content and many other information they say you can see in the pictures.

The end


And if you want to see carryminati roast video that youtube delete from youtube so you can see here

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Amazing news Facebook buys GIF company GIPHY worth $400.

Amazing news Facebook buy GIPHY

Facebook buys GIF company GIPHY in a deal worth $400 million (techwithadh )
source google

This is good news for Facebook users because Facebook buys another product that is GIPHY. GIPHY work to a searchable library of animated GIFS that have integrated with a variety of apps.

On Social media titan Facebook on Friday obtained the GIF-sharing service GIPHY, which will now be a part of the Instagram team and the prize of this According to Axios, Facebook paid $400.

Important information about GIPHY

Facebook to acquire Giphy in a deal reportedly worth $400 million (techwithadh)
source google

After buying this GIPHY  product we can make it more accessible for people to find the perfect GIFs and stickers in Stories and Direct on Instagram.

This service are big supporters of the producer and artist society, and that will continue ” Vishal Shah, VP of Product Facebook said in a declaration. This feature is also may become in next update in Whatsapp, Messenger, and Facebook

source google

Facebook confirmed today, in a deal worth around $400 million  according to Axios facebook say this type of information is not to be disclosed so it is an estimation by Axios

Through this facebook get more traffic  of Facebook or WhatsApp and Instagram because people highly use the GIF in the Instagram story or in WhatsApp chat so after buying this you have more GIF creatures to use

This company start in 2013 and start making GIFs and gifts. This website is worldwide famous and almost everyone us these features. This is the name of the search engine GIPHY. we think these features introduce in the next updates of in all applications.

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See how Instagram introduces the facility to remove hate conversation comments 2020

Instagram delete troll comment in mass

instagram new update
Instagram new update

As you know on social media many people troll each other, especially on Instagram, and doing bad comments on posts so that spread hates and in this time most people used Instagram more in social media. So the Instagram introduces the facility to remove hate conversation comments. This features help most on social media  (  Instagram  ) to make a clean and peaceful platform lets see about Instagram delete troll comment in mass

instagram new update
instagram new update

In 2020 most people use Instagram so on Instagram many people do offense comments and spread hate among people. To see this  Instagram has announced that it is rolling out new important settings including the facility to delete offensive comments in bulk.

Instagram company statement

instagram new update
Instagram new update

On Tuesday the Instagram company said on this update We are launching a new feature to help people manage multiple hated interactions at once. We know it can feel overwhelming to handle a rush of negative comments, so we’ve been experimenting the capability to delete comments in mass, as well as block or restrict multiple accounts that post negative comments

How to use Instagram update

how to use
how to use

To use these features in your phone you have to follow these steps

  1. Tap on a comment  button
  2. Then the three-dotted icon in the top right corner click on it
  3. Select Manage Comments
  4.  Then choose up to 25 comments to delete at once and delete it

More option about Instagram

insat update
insat update

In more options newly come on Instagram and In this you can block these features not like block to similarly. Restrict in this another person not able to send the message that person send from own side but you did not receive that message

If a person comments on your post so all people not able to see this only you can see when you can unrestrict

Comment of Instagram

insta comments
insta comments

In Instagram You can choose whether you want everyone, only people you follow, or no one to be capable to tag or mention you in any comment. this is also important update comes from Instagram to make peace or positivity on Instagram

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Top 5 Technology trends Helps in COVID 19 Pandemic situation| latest technology 2020

Top 5 Technology


In COVID 19 Pandemic situation our technology plays a very important role. technology makes work easier in this situation. so in this blog I wanna show you who technology helps in this Pandemic situation

As you know that in this situation we all are lock-in homes so we face many problems like food and other daily necessary things that we used daily. So without going outside how we arrange things in that time technology helps you let’s see who?


  •   Robot Shipments  and Online Shopping
  •  Work with technology 
  • Online learning 
  • Online health service
  • Robotics and drones 

So this technology helps us in this Pandemic situation when we are not allowed to going outside so let’s have a look

Robot Shipments  and Online Shopping

Delivery Robot
Delivery Robot

In COVID 19  Pandemic situation we need to refuse to go outside so if you need to order somethings online that is not possible because in this we need a shipping person but technology gives us a perfect solution

In this duration of COVID-19the robot shipments is a good and virus-proof option for us. Online shopping needs to be supported by a robust logistics system. Many shipments businesses and restaurants in the US and China are launching contactless delivery services in which your goods are picked up and dropped off from one place to another place designated location instead of from or into the hands of a person. This is a good way in a pandemic situation.

 Work with technology


 Work with technology
Work with technology

In this pandemic satiation where the whole say that work from home and in this situation technology. all companies employees work at home with technology. In this all employees work home with the help of VPN  and many other options.

Zoom, google classroom, duo, skype,  and many others are available for online work and this app is more downloaded after COVID 19  pandemic. but in this, we are also facing many problems like data leak and hacking attack but our technology expected help in this too.

Online learning 

online learning
online learning

where we are lock in the houses during the pandemic. At that time we are all most wasting time so at the same time, some people are busy learning online they on the skills.

Many educational institutes started contributing to sessions online to secure education was not interrupted by quarantine criteria so that help students and there studies to. This situation teaches us the importance of the internet and also tell us how we can use in a proper way

Online health service

online health service
online health service

COVID 19 spread widely in worldwide and which person is affected we don’t know so in this our technology helps you to know are you COVID 19 positive or not with the help of some applications

In India, the Indian government launch official government app name is Aaragya setu app and many countries also make other application for their citizens, In that app, you can identify your self are you positive or note with some certain steps of questioning

And also given the helpline number in it according to your locality so download it will helpful for you

Robotics and drones

technology help
technology help

online health services help very much in this pandemic situation. This help to do safely treatment of COVID 19 patient. As we know that the patients of COVID 19 is  spread  this virus through touching so in that time this technology help you a lot while doing treatment

Robotics and drones help COVID 19 patients in the term of food serving or treatment or through this the treatment is also done much better because we know that machine do better and perfect work so this is also good for us



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Security issue disclose PMO in Aarogya setu app MHA employee data hackers

Security issue disclose PMO in Aarogya setu app

Aarogya setu app
Aarogya setu app

As we know that the effect of coronavirus is the day by day increase so to know the positive crorna effect person Indian government makes an app that is Aarogya setu app in which you can know more about the coronavirus. Through Aarogya setu app you can identify that you are corona victim or not

So this app really very helps full for all. In this app, we have also health care numbers in every area. And this app launch by the government so that’s why millions of people used it in India. so now we heard some news that in this app we have some vulnerability that helps hackers to hack devices.let’s see what expect say on this

Vulnerability issue of the Aarogya setu app

Aarogya setu app

On this, the French cybersecurity specialist Elliot Alderson says on twitter on Wednesday 6 May that a security vulnerability in the app provides an attacker to “know who is infected, ailing, made a self-assessment in the section of his preference.

Elliot Alderson  also claim that this Aarogya setu app is purportedly showing delicate health data of  the millions of Indian people and After Electronics & IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad as well as the Aarogya Setu team denied the existence of security concerns on this Aarogya Setu  app

Aarogya setu app
Aarogya setu app

This is a piece of important information related to this Aarogya setu app according TO French cybersecurity specialist, 5 person  felt ailing  at the PMO office and 2 person is unwell from Indian army headquarter ad 1 is infected from Indian parliament

It minister prasad and app team dismiss security issues

Aarogya setu app issue
Aarogya setu app issue

On Wednesday the developers of the Aarogya setu app had also a response to the allegation by an ethical hackers regarding security issues in this app and the developer of this Aarogya setu app deny that no personal information is lacked or all information is totally safe.

Is Aarogya Setu  app is safe or not

aarogya setu
aarogya setu

According to IT minister Mr prasad fully deny to it. this app is fully safe and your data is to. No one can access your data and This Aarogya Setu app is completely safe and secure in terms of security. So Aarogya setu team claim that no personal information is lacked or all information is completely safe

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zoom vs google classroom which one is better | performance, security latest update of zoom

zoom vs google classroom?

zoom vs google classroom?
zoom vs google classroom?

In this time where the whole world is affected by coronavirus and lockdown is the only solution to it. And the study of students is highly effective so in 21 we have also many solutions to it. We study at home on the internet with the various apps like zoom app or google classroom. So the question is which one is best

In this blog, I wanna tell you about zoom vs google classroom which one is better. In various terms like security, performance, or many other things so let’ s see

what is the difference between zoom or google classroom?

 Google Classroom
Google Classroom

Well, this is your choice which one is best for you and we are here to help you the right option which one is better to read my full blog at the end you understand which is perfect for you This is a natural choice for teaching a class or facilitating a robust meeting with polling, recording, and other advanced features

These both give you the facility of online meeting in which you can conduct your meeting with your office members.  Google classroom runs on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge browsers and In google classroom has fewer features than the zoom app. But this google classroom is fully secure

zoom app
zoom app

In the zoom app, you have multi features like recording waiting hall and many more and with these features, we have a problem in security. and Google Classroom has less rating  2.0. and Google Zoom, which is used in the office as well as school environments, has pretty better, coming in with a score of 3.6.

Is zoom safe to use


zoom app has many problems in security? if you use only for the meeting then it is ok for you. If you are going to another work to maybe create a problem. Zoom app was not protected by end-to-end encryption, despite claims to the antithesis made by its own marketing and security policies.


The FBI warned about a rise in cases of zoom bombing that involved conferences being hijacked to show “pornographic and/or hate images and threatening language and TechCrunch  is also reported a former National Security Agency (NSA) hacker, Patrick Wardle, had revealed earlier-unknown bugs that, if utilized nearby, could be used to hack into a victim’s computer and allow them to connect malicious spying software



Easy to use.

Security reasons

Only platform for meeting webinars, chat.

Time limit 40 min only


Many features

Is google classroom is safe

google classroom safe or not
google classroom safe or not

According to Google terms say that google classroom is fully committed to the security and privacy of users’ data and protecting users and schools from attempts to compromise it. Google Classroom is a free web service developed by Google and a member of the G Suite for Education to help schools students online education. The G Suite for Education core services are the core of Google’s educational offering to schools

 Google Classroom
google classroom

Google classroom have two way to use ane way is use from the website go on google and search google classroom and connect it then you can use easy. and another way is download app from google play store or IOS app store



Easy access to study Materials

No automated updates

Less Paper

No automated quizzes and tests


Editing problems


Limited integration options

Google classroom is safe then zoom


Google classroom is more secure than zoom. and zoom tries to repair the bugs that are creat huddle for using this app. and google classroom terms and conditions say that this app is totally safe for you can use without any fear. In zoom is more features than google classroom

Important update related zoom

zoom latest update
zoom latest update

zoom try to solve problems that they face in-app. the update come form zoom. In 3 April 2020  zoom announce that setting meeting passwords and waiting rooms on by default to increase the protection of your Zoom meetings. And zoom is also helping make users more  friendly  and maybe add more characteristics in the zoom app

Which one is best for us to zoom or google classroom?

Well I tell you all about both sides now it’s upon you, now you have to decide which one is best for you to read the full blog at the end you know better which one is better for you

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