Bios locker room vs girls locker room | shameful act on instagram | zee news | cyber crime

Bios locker room vs girls locker room?

girls vs boys locker room
girls vs boys locker room

According to research of zee news in New Delhi there is a chat group of schoolboys on Instagram called Bois Locker Room. In this Bois, Locker Room do illegal or shameful act on the internet. These boys abuse minor girls and even teachers and They talk about adult things on Instagram with small girls and do obscene comments on Instagram posts.

Bios locker room
Bios locker room

After the bunch of the day this account is exposed on the internet. The screenshot of chat is gone viral on the internet and Then the police are in action and The Bois Locker Room was a chat group of 21 school students aged between 15-19 years from Delhi and Noida

Girls locker room?

girls locker room
girls locker room


Where on social media boys locker room is viral in that situation a new group is emerging girls locker room. These girls also been accused of similar obscene comments and conversations and On this girls locker room also an allegation that this group perform Similarly activity that do boys locker room

In girls locker room  these girls do same obscene conversations with different boys and to see this On Monday he Delhi Commission for Women took suo moto cognizance of the case and sent the notices to Delhi Police to take action on this case

Bios locker room  Action?

bois locker room arrests
boys locker room arrests

Delhi Police Cyber Cell had written an FIR against unidentified persons under Sections of the (IPC) and the IT Act of India . and This is  become the first legal case to come out of an Instagram chat in India

This schoolboy has been taken into custody and more have been identified. and the other 20 boys soon in custody Delhi police is searching also trace mobile phone also. On this agenda many people put a meaningful message on social media like twitter. In this  the Mumbai Police post on twitter on this boys locker room 

Boys will be boys – never an acceptable excuse earlier, will never be one ever after #stopthemyoung


In the boys locker room, boys chat with a girl that is Members of this girls-only group are alleged to sexualize and objectify boys and body-shame both boys and girls . and they Leaked screenshots of the group that is been going viral on the social media platform.

bois locker room
boys locker room

This is not an act in which only boys include even girls also do these same things we need to tell this is wrong but in this girls are also perpetuating body-shaming and objectification via sexual things. Many people post on twitter like Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj.

we need to discuss on this or take action too but never do the same shutty things. Are India is digitalized day by day so we need to do the right activity on social media where the whole world is there. The youth represents the country we have to change India or Mentality of the people 




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5 Amazing web series for Every Entrepreneurs must watch | motivational web series

Amazing 5 web series for Every Entrepreneurs

Amazing 5 web series for Every Entrepreneurs
Amazing 5 web series for Every Entrepreneurs

In the corona time  where the whole world is lockdown into their homes in that time a  entrepreneur  think about the business  idea . In this time the whole world is relax in that time a entrepreneur work online . They take meeting or learn a lot from online and In this blog a show you 5 Amazing web series for Every Entrepreneurs


  1. Startup
  2.  How I made my Millions
  3. TVF Pitchers
  4. The Profit
  5. Silicon Valley

In entrepreneur  life a person faces  many problems  and . Every entrepreneur  need a motivation to work hard continuously . The thinking of a entrepreneur is quit different from normal people where normal people give up easily in problems in that time a entrepreneur  never give up at all . in today blog i wanna tell you Amazing 5 web series for Every Entrepreneurs  let’s see

1. Startup


The startup is a USA television series  created by Ben Ketai and . This series aired on tv first time on  september 2016 . The series stars Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi, Otmara Marrero, Martin Freeman, Ron Perlman, Addison Timlin . and In this we have 3 seasons is available and 4 seasons will coming soon in 2020 In this they work on tech idea centered on digital currency.

2. How I made my Millions

How I made my Millions
How I made my Millions

This How I made my Millions web series made millions. This show aired in first time in 2011 . In this web series they talk about the a big businessmen and women and show how ordinary ideas  turned into extraordinary businesses model

3. TVF Pitchers

TVF Pitchers
TVF Pitchers

This is my personal favourite web series .This web series  is made by indian creators TYF   Released in 2015 and The is one of the famous web series in that time and The topic of the this web series is entrepreneurship . The show revolves around four young men who have doing their  corporate desk jobs and decided to quit their job to become full time entrepreneurs i suggest you must watch it

4. The Profit

The Profit
The Profit

This is a USA  T.V show premiered on July 30, 2013. Broadcasted on CNBC. In this web series mainly focus on  capital investment and show a how to be a entrepreneurs and how to make money so this is also a great web series. Shark Tank was first aired on 9 August 2009.


5. Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley

This is also a USA T.V show but this is a comedy web series . Silicon Valley   Created by Mike Judge, John Altschuler, and Dave . In which four young men focus on a startup company and This series premiered on April 6, 2014 on the HBO and this is one of the most famous webs series in worldwide . This webseries motivate entrepreneurs to do work hard

So this is a 5 Amazing web series for Every Entrepreneurs you must watch it . It motivate you a lot and may be a you think to start your own business or startup so in corona time you watch these web series and all the very best

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Want to check are you corona positive or not . use Aarogya Setu app to know it

What is Aarogya setu app ?

Aarogya Setu App Download For Android IOS PC - Corona Tracking App

In this world where whole human society facing big  coronavirus pandemic and many people not even know that they is corona positive  and due to this they spread widely virus in society and due to that this virus is spreading more faster and that is not a good sign for us and to see this Indian government  find a solution !!

To check the you are corona positive or not Indian  government introduce a application is Aarogya setu app this is very helpful app for people who is not sure that they are corona positive or not  this app is available for both android or iPhone too  I  tell you in step by step

How to use Aarogya setu app

How to use Aarogya Setu App, a Coronavirus tracking app?

this app is fully illegal and trusted so don’t worry about any security reason  or any problem your device  is safe and i personal use it so don’t worry about it let’s see the step to use this app

Step 1  you need to download this app from play store and install it

step 2 ⇒ After downloading this app you need to select any language in which you are comfortable  and click on next button

step 3 ⇒ then you have to register in this app and click on register button to register in it

step 4 ⇒ after register aarogya setu app ask you some permission  you need to allow it and after reading term and condition you have to click  i Agree  button

step 5 ⇒ Then you have to enter your phone number  click next

step 6 ⇒ Then on that number you revived OTP and enter in the aarogya setu app click next

step 7 ⇒ Now you need to fill your personal information and details like age , gender location state are you travel outside of country in last 30 days or not and other optional things too  please fill it carefully and  click to submit button  and you have skip option too.

Aarogya Setu Most Popular App: Coronavirus app Aarogya Setu ...

step 7 ⇒ Now you see the information of corona virus and also assessment test to verify that your are corona positive is or not in this assessment you have to give answer to that answer and you have MCQ question and at last this aarogya setu app show you are you corona positive  or not and tell you risk

step 8 ⇒  In this app you also see that what you don or not in corona time and in this app also give the help line number for every state you can also call it

all these information helps you to use aarogya setu app and stay home stay safe


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Feeling Bored? 5 productive thing do to Improve Your CV During The Coronavirus Quarantine

5 productive thing do to Improve Your CV During The Coronavirus Quarantine

5 productive thing do to Improve Your CV During The Coronavirus Quarantine
Your CV During The Corona

In the coronavirus pandemic time we all are lock down in our houses of our governments also say stay home stay safe and in this pandemic time we all most all waste are time to sleeping or playing games that is not good because these things cannot add in your CV in interviews so we need to do that work in home which helps us to gap any jobs so lets see what’s it is 

so in this time many people work on digital to so that is also good think and attending meeting with the help of zoom app videoconferencing   so in many things in this app need improvement and it is also not safe for our device you can read whole article on my website

5 productive thing do to Improve Your CV During

1 Read or listen case study

Council Post: Stop Reading Business Books: The Importance Of ...In quarantine time  we need to gain knowledge that help us in our future and case study is the best option for you to increase your knowledge and this is osm time to boost our knowledge and in case study  we know about real experience to inspiration to do more work to  case study   you change your thinking and you do more work and that help in future

2 learn programming language 

What is Full Stack Development? Advantages of Full Stack ...

As we know this is digital world so that’s why the number of people take IT sector for  future  study and in technology  programming play massive role because it use in operating system and for the coder job or programmer job you need to learn programming languages and this is right time to learn programming languages

you learn many languages like c, c++, and if you are new in this field then according to me you learn python language and then you can learn other languages  python help you understanding the concept and of course this is quit easy language and most important  programming languages  is c is basic and c++ learn these two languages too

3 Start YouTube channel

How to Start a YouTube Channel | CooperVision

Many people want to start a YouTube channel but in working time this is not possible and now you can start your YouTube channel and give the information to other or adopt you A category  in which you are perfect or you know more information and share on YouTube channel and search about YouTube channel and apply on channel in this process you learn many things and you feel difference in you

4 Follow your passion Blackboard With The Text Follow Your Passion Stock Photo, Picture ...

change your passion into profession yes follow your passion learn about your passion and do that work in which you feel happiness to do . make your passion your  profession  passion is that if some not pay you for it you can do passion is that if you not need reason to do it you can do it for your happiness follow it if you do this in free then you of course do when you getting money through it that make your life too and bank balance too

5 website , blogging Why You Should Build a WordPress Website | IndigoThemes

yes make your website and do work on it because in this 21 century  every second person have their own website and many people make money through it so if you not know about it read our article for the more information    

on the website you can put you passion through it you can get money or experience too  and  search on google number of people many money through it and you can also do it and IF YOU WANT TO MAKE YOUR WEBSITE IN RIGHT OR PRODUCTIVE MANNER CONTACT WE GUIDE YOU   and foe further information you can comment us we reply you and solve your problem too

Stay safe  stay home 

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Are you use zoom app ? Beware it dangerous for you. precautions use safely

Are you use zoom app ?

zoom techwithadh

If yes then this blog is quit important for you . as we know that in this world we facing a    massive problem that is  covid 19 and it is very dangerous for whole human society and due to this in many countries we facing lock down  in whether is it India or USA 

and due to this our all colleges or school is closed and we facing many huddles related to our study in India a lot of even not finish board exams to and to see this we cannot stop our studies and of cause this is digital world so we need to find a solution for student or our youth 


zoom app
zoom app

so we find a digital solution for the overcome of this problem that is zoom app . so if you not know about this app don’t worry i tell you about this app . so in this app we have a host who conducted the meeting and they send password or ID to join this meeting and for joining the all participants should download this app to and then they can join that meeting through the help of ID or password

How to use zoom app ?


Apple updates Mac to fix faulty video conferencing app

Step 1 ⇒  You need to download this app form play store 

Step 2 ⇒   Install it in your device to use 

step 3 ⇒ if you want to be host or organizer then you need to sign in th

an you                        have option on your screen to meeting , join etc 

step 4 ⇒ if you want to conduct the meeting go on meeting and share link with                your  friends who can join this meeting and you can also share the screen 

Yeah so the with the help of this app many of business or schools teacher conduct the meeting and deliver the important lecture and many business run on this app and of course this is quit easy to use everyone and this app really a lot of people in during lockdown and also this is one of the most downloaded app in duration of lockdown  its is 2 .5 million and its increase in between December to march that means in  the duration of lockdown

Things are always either black or white

And yes everything  has merits and demerits too…….

If some people use zoom app for good purpose and also other use in bad way

why google banned zoom app  ?

Google is training machines to predict when a patient will die ...

where the whole world is using zoom app and here Google banned zoom app to their employees why let’s see google told their workers cannot use zoom app on laptop anymore and also say to uninstall if due to certain reasons

Google is ban the most famous  zoom videoconferencing app and  in this month google send emails  employees who use zoom app on laptop they see some security vulnerability and says that stop using zoom app on laptops or stop working on zoom app

the headquarter of zoom app in San Jose California this app went in market in 2019 . the CEO of zoom app Eric Yuan this company aimed that to run webinars  and meeting among team member or a couple of people but this zoom app  is highly used in duration of lockdown in whole world in the march ending this app is total 100 million download on play store

Google bans employees from using Zoom on their devices
google banned zoom

zoom app is not made for this huge use may be that’s why we facing a lot security  problem in it  by the investigation of motherboard tell us that zoom app for iPhone or iPad  sent data of the user  device to Facebook. and now zoom app stopped sending data to Facebook in yesterday

NSA hacker discovered  a zoom security that issue that allow to inferior actors to controls the users microphones or web cameras and many people complains that unknown enter in theirs meeting and also show adult content unknown persons and last week company said some video call is connect by mistakenly its happen to poor connection of server

Google is not only one company who banned zoom app in this month Elon  Musk’s rocket company spaceX  also banned zoom app to their employees

How to use zoom app safely or precautions ?


So how we can use zoom app safely in our devices we have to take some certain precautions for use zoom app safely so here i tell you some important precautions that you should take before use of zoom app because many teacher or gym trainer or business CEO conducted the meeting with the help of zoom app so you should know about it let’s see in step by step

Step 1 ⇒ use one time unique id when hosting 

use one time unique id when hosting if you not change the hacker or another person easily enter in your device and operate you device  you change it in every new meeting

step 2 ⇒required meeting password 

In this you need to set a strong password in zoom app so that the unknown person not able to enter in your personal meeting in default setting you don’t have password so change it and set a strong password

Step 3 ⇒ create a waiting room

I tell you 5 easy step in which you can use zoom app safely  step 1 is create a waiting room for your next participants  if you not do this everyone can enter in you meeting without permission and if you create a waiting room they should need permission of host to join or not

step 4 ⇒ select only host can share screen 

In this make sure if you are hosting in your setting the screen share is only for you not everyone it is also help to you

step 5 ⇒ kick out unruly people 

when you hosting the meeting and  make sure that if unknown person  enter in your meeting kick as soon as possible  its safe your device or information too

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Revolt RV 400

Revolt RV 400
Revolt RV 400

Revolt RV 400  is the one of the most interesting bike in India only because of a new electric bike and users is very happy in this bike also have disk break in front and lets talk about prize in India RS 3999 per month  yes this also available  on EMI . Revolt RV 400 has various prize RS 3499 and this EMI you have to pay continuously 37 months and this pretty bike  Revolt RV 400 available in two colors and also see Revolt RV 400 PRICE IN INDIA

its totally  prize is RS 98,999 to 1 lakh

Specification of Revolt RV 400

Motor power 3000 W
Battery Charging Time 3 TO 4.5 HOURS
Range 150 KM CHARGED



the prize is this Revolt RV 400 is  prize is RS 98,999 in showroom and its charges extra for the RTO or insurance or 4g connective the states where this Revolt RV 400   is available that is Tamil nadu Gujarat and Telangana  and many others cities of the India . the top speed of this Revolt RV 400   is 85 km this speed is maximum speed of this amazing Revolt RV 400   bike. and in this Revolt RV 400   bike there is no gear.

Merits and demerits of Revolt RV 400

revolt rv400 electric bike
revolt rv400 electric bike

firstly er talk on merits of Revolt RV 400  bike, this is compact bike and not heavy in weight also and after that  and most good think in this is this Revolt RV 400   bike run on battery and this help us alot  to save money because  petrol is very expensive and through this new technology make us more comfortable   and design of this Revolt RV 400   bike is also amazing and lets talk about  on demerits of Revolt RV 400   this is not available any where the service of this bike is less in India so this make more uncomfortable


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SHARE MARKET investment 5 things you must know before start

 Share market


share market
share market

Share market is the online investment method through which many people make money .it is also called  stock marketing which we sale or buy shares of the different type of company’s. and this totally private the private company sale they shares  in market investor buy the shares. the investment method of the stock market is  electronic trading platform . investment is mainly made with investment strategy in mind .

in share market we have two method 1. direct method 2. indirect method . in direct method  we involves in own share and indirect method you invest in mutual fund or exchange traded fund.and in the indirect method refers to investment in real states actually  investment in the property .

5 Things you must  know before start the share marketing ……

1. Early start in share market

 share market
share market


when we know about share market or stock market through friends or internet, we get excited to invest in share market and without knowledge we started and due to lack of information we get lose in share market that is also dangers in share market . one  things you should understand  that share market is the money making machine it take time or not .and always remember that invest your surplus money only in share market. that money you invest in share market  if you lose you can digest that lost not invert whole money in it . it is 50 -50 chances . so never invest so early in share market first you get information in share market   

2.  Be patience in stock market

share market
share market

one thing you should know share market is not a money making machine which turn your money in millions or billions over the period  . if you invest in share market be patience you defiantly get profit in it .and well this is true that many people make billionaires through stock marketing but all of them know information about it and rule but in other way we have also bunch of people that lost there entire wealth in the share market and some has been forced to sell their  personal  assets to cover the loss…….

3. Learn

learn share market
learn share market

All of   heard about many peoples that make their fortune through share market just because of their knowledge . if you also want success in share market you have familiar to your company in which you invest  you have to collect all knowledge about  company their shares and investment all activity you should know about it and you should also know about GDP of your country budget  . you also understand about financial metrics such PE, EPS, ROE. and understand or analysis the strategy or shares   ….                   

4. surplus investment

Budget share market
Budget share market

The biggest mistake of beginners is they invest all money in share market  but that is not good way to invest . the right way to invest is invest surplus money if you have surplus money than you invest in share market . if you have surplus than suppose you lost whole money than you digest that loss on the other hand if you invest whole money and than you lost it what you do this is why you need surplus money to invest ..






5.  Avoid Leverage


Leverage meaning borrowed money for the investment  of share marketing or stock marketing . leverage is not be good or bad its is good for that people who get profit in it but on other side if you get loss in share market than you are in trouble . so be careful from this if you have surplus money then invest in it other wise collect the information







 How to invest in share market step by step for beginner

invest share market
invest share market



So in above information you know about the share market lit bit so in further i tell you about the how to invest in share market full detail step step  lets start

before you start the share market you should have certain document

  • You should have a pan card
  • You want to hire a stockbroker . stock market is not that place in which you can go and invest your cash directly you need broker 
  • Open demat account and trading account
  • You should have a bank account
  • UIN ( unique identification number )
  • At last you can finally able to buy or sell the shares

Great website to invest in share market

now you prepare foe the investment in the share market or the stock market  so this is online process than you want to visit some website for the investment of the shares so following we have some website that helps you

  • Money-control
  • Economic time
  • BSE India
  • Investing
  • Livemint

Cheapest brokerage in India  ?

Name Opening Brokerage
1 SAS online Rs. 200. Rs 9 per trade or 0.07% per trade
2. Tradejini Rs.300 Rs. 20 per trade
3. wisdom capital Free  Free
4. zerodha Rs. 200 Rs.20 per trade
5. trad smart online Rs.400 maximum Rs 15 per order

Do’s or don’t

Do's or don't
Do’s or don’t



in the share market we do many mistake so i tell you which thing you not do in you business

Do’s Don’t
1.  Start learning 1. No over trade
2. Start small 2. Not investing in gambling
3. Fix an investment goal 3. Not blindly  treat on any company
4. Research before invest 4. Not take more risks
5.Get start early 5. not follow the herd



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