Latest Top Gadget 2019

Latest Top  Gadget 2019

Today i am show you top 5 crazy gadgets in my website .and i also give link to download easlly.  and  in my website you get knowledge about latest tech gadgets . And other latest tech news.

1 Toy box 3D printer.

Toy box 3D printer
Toy box 3D printer

In the 21 century Avid technology is very Advanced and high-tech we make every possible things in Tech Industries.  and one of them is toy box 3D  printer . In this gadget you can make a plastic toy easlly and play it .

This gadget is  specially  for small kids . And you can make any toy with the help of your smart phone . In your smart phone you  download  a app to make toy . And make your toy in that app . And print it  .

This toy box 3D printer is mini 3 inch around  have it is.

Toy box 3D printer
Toy box 3D printer

2. Air selfie Drone

Air selfie drown
Air selfie drown

As we note that in over India menu Drone have are available and it all are not portable.  so this is new portable air selfie drone. The size of this drone is  a mobile phone size you can easlly  carry in your pocket . And the look of this drone is also very nice or sharp.

With the help of application you can connect to airselfie drone video mobile phone . and then you can take a picture or make a video with your phone with the help of airselfie drone . In this drone 4 small fan are set to fly easlly

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3 . Air bar

Air bar
Air bar

Air bar is very interesting Gadget ever . and in this gadgets you can make your laptop touch screen. This is cool gadget ever i have seen  .

You just huck up with your laptop screen .in bottom  of screen of paste it and after that  you have to turn ON the air bar .then your laptop is touch screen

Air bar gadget
Air bar gadget




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Air selfie drone
Air selfie drone

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro Latest 2019 phone

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro is a latest or good featured phone is and in this phone you will get many intresting things and . In my blog i tell you all about the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro phone

upgraded snapdragan  675 processor and the camera is 48MP sony . The phone was launched  in New Delhi, India on 28 Feb 2019.Together with the REDMI NOTE 7  pro the other variant under the Redmi series, the device.

Information about processer in redmi note 7 pro

* Snapdragan 675

* 4 GB RAM

* OCTA core (2 GHz, Dual core +1.7GHz

Now redmi note 7 pro Display information.

* 1080 × 2340 pxils, 409 ppl

*IPS LCD Screen in it

*6.3 inches 16 centemetre

# In every phone we looked they camera quality  now this is information about redmi not 7 pro camera quality .

* 48 mega pixels + 5 mega pixels Dual primary cameras

*13 mega pixels Fronts camera

* With LED  Flash

In phone Battery is very important  factor . On the basic of battery performance your phone run good or long time

The Battery quality of REDMI NOTE 7 PRO .

*Quick charging

*4000 mAh

One things in redmi note 7 pro have problem mini is  usb type c port, not support in micro usb.

Xiaomi Redmi note 7 pro prize in india .The lowest rate Xiaomi redmi nite 7 pro in india  is Rs. 15,995. In online are avalibale.
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This redmi note 7 pro launched in expected 10 may 2019. With . 3 GB ram and 32 internal storage and. Also come in black and many other colurs like red etc

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kali linux tools | command | Android tool

What is kali linux ?

Kali linux is operating system which is mostly used by Hacker. In virtual world two type of operating system is present. One is window and another one linux operating system.It is maintained and funded by offensive security.

Owner of linux
Owner of linux  Linus Torvalds

It was developed by Mati Aharoni and Devon Kearns of Offensive Security through the rewrite of backtrack  their previous information security testing Linux distribution based on knokppic.

Kali Linux has over about 600 installed penetration: testing programs.  Wireless lans,Like nmap , port scanner , software for penetration= testing , wireshark, application security scanner.


Kali Linux can run natively when installed on your computer’s hard disk , can be booted from the  live cd or the live usb , or it can run with a virtual machine . It is also support platform of  metaspolit works . Metasploit Framework, a tool is used for many important perpose like developing and executing security expltis. 

In this world most of the people use Windows operating system . because half of the world are not know about the Linux operating system . that’s why about 90% people use normal Windows . operating system in the window there is only limited things that you can do with the your window operating system .

you cannot add a new things for a new command in your computer in operating system . but in the kali linux  if we talk about the Linux operating system . the Linux operating system is a vast world of the changing and executing your idea in the way of code.  you can make your own code your own executive file and your own commands the Linux operating system is give you full permission to change or make your own commands . and whatever you want change in your computer you will do it .

Kali linux

other side the window operating system is not  act like this.  the window operating system is a limited edition we cannot add any more thing in it Use the features of the window . operating system that is given by the computer operating system that is window in the window they update  time to time like Window XP Windows 7, Ultimate Windows 7 ,Windows 10,Windows 8.

And also is doing in Kali Linux they have also are updating options are there .if you use both operating system you can use by the boot of your USB device you can put the window or Kali Linux .but for the operating a boot operating system in a  PC you want most antivirus in your computer system.

Is linux operating system is Tough ?

The Linux operating system is a not operating system. One thing I should clear in your mind if you are interested for the coding or the hacking world you can easily used kali linux .or you can easily learn Kali Linux. If you operate Kali Linux just for show off and you are not interested to use it .

Kali linux
Kali linux

I fully recommended you don’t use Kali Linux if you are not interested in the coding or the hacking world. No matter what work you are but that work you have interest to do that work then you can do it. if you are not interested don’t do it just leave it.

What is need to install kali linux in pc ? 

First of all you want a PC  for the installing of the Kali Linux .requires a minimum of 1GB hard disk space for installation. A mini  of 512MB RAM for i3 processer you haved to access the kali linux in your pc . A bootable CD« DVD drive or a USB .  And you also want 32 bit to 64 bit .

What is raspberry pi ,and how its work ?

Raspberry pi, is best portable computer ever in the world .it is low cost  in prize and to use this you want  a moniter no matter what is is .  Your phone screen or tv screen etc It is a capable little device that enables people of all ages to use and doing good computing. From raspberry pi you learn many programming languages like  html , python  and many other

For this you want is a screen A keyboard or a mouse and a power source . the power tools maybe your power bank or your main connection of Power . In raspberry pi you also have a memory card folder, two USB folder,  the power plug button.

If you use for first time you can connect with the PC.  and install in  any operating system to use

Tools of Kali linux ???

As we know many tools and their own  speciality .  tools are work to according to specifications. Everyone have their own function some used for security purposes some modification function some for storage in purpose so i tell you

The list of those tool is which  used for the security purpose in kali linux.

. 1 Aircrack:NG . 2 Brup suite . 3 Armitage

Some Hydra tools :: 1 Foremost 2. Binwalk  3.volatility

Some tool used for finding  & exploit vulnerabilities in Network systems 1 Metasploit 2.Nmap 3.wireshark 4. Social website tools.

If you have note computer system and you are interested to operate the in Kali Linux. you have two options one is first of all you have to root your Android device and after that you can install Kali Linux in your android  device.

But route isn’t no save option for your Android device .because some devices support rooted for some devices not support route and then the device is not access or use for you the fully finish . software of android devices are Cryptid chances are there.

In the Kali Linux have option that is a terminal .to this terminal you can make your own commands and code through the  help of code you can operate the Linux operating system . the main thing in the kali linux   is the terminal through which we use all the command and execute so if you learn all the commands then that is easy to operate Kali Linux operating system.



For Android there is a Android application that is application name is termux .you can install this app in your mobile and practice on it and do practice of command and use other tools in this .  like and nmap , get clone etc

I give you the common commands of the termux  . I hope this will help you to learn Termux

1 pkg = used for  packages

2 apt = usde for appcialtion

3 clear = used for the clear window

4 nmap = to see the loaction

5 install = to install any thing

How to used this command in termux !

1 pkg update

2 apt upgrade

3 pkg install git

4 pkg install nmap

This is way to used comnand


All psp games highly compressed Android easy step by step 2020

What is PSP  Games?

PPSSPP - PSP Emulator HD 2018 for Android - APK Download
PSP  Games

 The full form of PSP is PlayStation Portable.PSP is a game console that was developed by Sony computer and competed with the  Nintendo gs as part of the 7th generation of video-game consoles. When PSP introduced it was most popular for entertainment purposes.

PSP is a new way to play games and when Sony Computer Entertainment first announced the development of PSP at a press conference preceding 2003. Although samples were not presented Sony released extensive Technical information CEO Ken Kutaragi called the device the walkmaN of the 21st century.

But many people do not have PSP to access to play and in many markets not available to buy and then people not get the benefit of it and then everyone has the smartphone so it was easy to play in android phone PSP games but How I aman tell you how ??????

PSP games in android !!!!

In-play store it was an app that helps to access to play PSP games in android phone easily the app Name is PPSSPP  in this app having many version like the first one that is my personal favorite  PPSSPP GOLD but in this version  have a minor problem that is this is paid


Ppsspp gold
Ppsspp gold

So you can try free version PPSSPP SILVER it was free on the play store  this PPSSPP is an emulator that helps you to play games of PSP in the android phone now after installed this app you want to download PSP  games from the internet

Android-powered PSP emulator PPSSPP adds support for Nvidia Shield ...

PSP games highly compressed

I provide your website which is doing help to download PSP games in the android phone website name that I recommended is  emuparadise this is one of the best websites to download PSP games for android. In this website, you download game one by one  and show you an easy method to play all PSP game in android


First of all, I tell you this app is a Chinese app after downloading this app you have to change language in English. App name is HAPPY CHICK download this app from play store if you not know the icon of this app I show you

Android için Happy Chick Apk 1.7.9 İndir

PSP games highly compressed

I show you how it was after open it and I use this app and must say this is a good app for those who have low memory in android phones but in the scene of graphic this was not so much good. The game will run and you can play too but the graphic is not so much good

In PPSSPP you want to download one by one game but its graphic is so good to play and after download this ppsspp app you also want a compressed app to compress or extra the file and after extra the game file past in internal android folder. In the internal storage a folder is android open that folder and find the OBB folder if you did not found it. Create a new folder with the name of obb. and past the file in this obb folder

Then you all most completely close all things and open ppsspp. and open the file in which your game is. Click on it and play it have fun




How to make app in phone | In android without coding

What is app ?

The real name of app is application .app is a short form of application .for the making app many These thing is necessary. Like first of all we need language. First of all I tell you for the making of app only one language is used. The language used to making application is Java language. Through the Java we make an app . and custom by own choice .

many websites and application is help to make app. Today I am gonna show you how to make application in Android without coding in your mobile phone

Note : I till site that is helping to make Android application without coding. The website name is appsgeyser

You can make any type of app either musical app ,messenger game ,website ,YouTube app, a web browser etc. Follow my following step to make a app.

I also give screenshot  to easy to make app

1. Go on google and search appsgeyser click first link and open


Make app
Make app

After open this link appsgesgers and. And login in it with your Facebook ID or Google Play Store ID.

Login in website

3. Then click on button to start the making app. Then select your category in which you want to make app. Example a website ,game, a browser, puzzle game ,and many other things etc for making app  .4. After select your category .Next site open to custom your app with your own choice you can how to make logo for your app and . fully design your app with your on specification.

Edit your app
Edit app

5. After that fulfill your all the information that required to make your application good and attractive to use in this website you have too many options are to make an custom by one choice your application

Work on app
Work on app

6.  Then after doing all this activity to required that to make your App interesting and attractive look . and father you want to give name your app . select your icon for the app if you make in Picsart any icon you can upload on it. if not in this website they will be given you many icon according to your application.

Edit app

7 your Android application is almost ready to run and publish .after that you will press next button and then you will see the create button on your home screen after that your application is almost ready to publish

Ok app
App ready

8. Then you done it and publish app in your mobile phone and use it . To use this application you can make money I will tell how to make money with application

Note : sometime do to slow servers or any technical problem this website may not work properly and . your app is not making once or twice of time. I make two application from this site. so if you fail one time you can try again this is not for my blog or . my information I give you the right information about how to make application without use coding.


How to make money from app ?

If you want make money from this application first of all you want you make a account on addmob. You can make addmob account after approving your account you can publish advertisement on your application . after the advertisement is published on your application you can earn money from this addmob website .

shocking news Tik tok | Tik Tok Ban In India 2019 16 april ?

What is tik tok ?

Tik tok is a platform in which people make video in the short time. People make maximum 60 seconds video on Tik Tok app . In the background song play for the 60-minutes. In this app many filter and other features were added to make fantastic video on tik tok  .

Owned by ByteDance, the media app was launched as Douyin in China in sept 2019 . introduced to the overseas market as tik tok one year later

Tik tok banned in india 2019

Reason Behind Tik Tok banned in india !!!

In Tik Tok many adult content were uploaded . As we know that in today life we all have internet facility. In our Society many age group of people use phone and internet . On Tik Tok mostly children were participate mostly . And some people who uploaded adult content that is not beneficial for the children’s futures . Child pronography were increases from this app . And many children and our country youth work addicted of this app . they spend more time on Tik Tok. Not concentration on they study

On 16th July Madras High Court appeal. That tik tok  ban in India. No one can download from Play Store and App Store .but this is not full band Tik Tok. Those people have already installed Tik Tok they Have access that app . This is not full band Tik Tok. Those people who promote child pronography . Tik Tok should ban only type of people. And banned that person on tik tok . This is a right way to stop child pornography.

USA and many other country also very bad effect of that app on their country . China and others country banned also this app tik tok . They country see this app a is totally a time waste . People spend more than half time on tik tok app.

Madras High Court give permission to banned  in India. and also send this order Supreme Court then this rule Implement in India. And this time nobody can download from Play Store and App Store . The next court hearing is on 25 or 26 april.

From where we Download Tik tok ?

How to download tik tok app !!!

As we know that this app tik tok not downloaded on play store or app store . On internet many website are present  who have tik tok app to downloaded others . From that website you can download this tik tok app So this is full information about this matter

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What is hacker and its type | Type of hacker | Black, white, grey

What is hacker ?

 Hacker is a that person who provide security to your computer or any other electronic device and a hacker is a that person who gives security to your system or computer and he have all the knowledge about all computer languages and they know all computer errors or component that present in the computer hacker is know everything about computer hardware or software  both Factor they know they have very Advance knowledge about both factors and they have all the tricks and skill to handle any type of error or attacked that black. Hacker do involving blog I tell you the types of hackers and and what did two different type of hackers

MythsAbout The Hackers

Mostly people think hackers are the bad peoples and they treat like a bagger or a criminal . the Society have seen bad example of hackers like somebody hacking attack hacker attack on any computer system and many other news is we heard that hackers do this hackers do this but this is half of. Many people not know about the full information of about the hackers if some black hat hacker attack on any server or computer so that the defense was given to a good hacker is ethical hacker or white hat hacker attack. Do some black hat hacker that defined by only hackers if all the gunman are not  Criminal so only that type in hacker . not all type of hacker Criminal. People also think that if somebody say I am hacker they say you hack Facebook WhatsApp Instagram and many other social websites doing a hacker hack any website account Facebook account any Instagram account and most of the people think only that they could have only Facebook and other social sites do. the people hackers is  who hacked all the official website that is but that is not full formation of hacking is a very broad Concept in which type of branches are open like cryptography and many other but people saying a hacker saying a Continue reading “What is hacker and its type | Type of hacker | Black, white, grey”