Latest wordpress plugins for seo ranking 2020| wordpress free powerful plugins

Latest WordPress plugins for SEO ranking 2020

WordPress plugins seo
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Today all people want traffic on their WordPress websites, To gets traffic on your WordPress website you have two-way one is organic traffic from the help of SEO and another is paid SEO. In any website whether it is WordPress or another you have to use SEO to get organic traffic.

WordPress plugins seo
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Beginners have a problem that they did not get to much traffic on their WordPress website and in this blog, I show you some SEO tools that help you to rank on google or improve your traffic result on WordPress website

Introduction of SEO plugins

Before we start I clear some doubt regarding SEO or plugins. So the role of SEO in WordPress website is very important. Search engine optimization (SEO) the technique which helps you to rank on google search engine. SEO helps us to get traffic in an organic way without any paid SEO.So let’s start to have a look at the list of SEO.


  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast
  2. Rank Math
  3. MonsterInsights
  4. All in One SEO Pack
  5. WP Meta SEO

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress plugins seo
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Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most famous plugins that all most everyone used. In this plugin, you get many features that’s why this plugin is quite famous or most installed plugin. In this plugins, you can optimize your website from SERP previews to XML sitemap creation in free version this is very good things

Yoast SEO WordPress plugins seo
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This Yoast SEO plugin tells you which is the best-targeted keyword you have to use in your WordPress blog or website. Yoast SEO helps you in ON-PAGE SEO  and helps in the optimize your title, meta description, and URL for the keyword

2. Rank Math

 Rank Math WordPress plugins seo
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Rank math is also an SEO tool that helps you optimize your WordPress website and writing content or providing real stats about your blog post. In rank math you can able to optimize your titles and meta descriptions with a snippet preview and Again this WordPress plugin is also free It also allows added SEO features such as  404 monitoring. This plugins is good in terms of speed of optimized your WordPress sites

3. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights WordPress plugins seo
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MonsterInsights is also good plugins that show you your WordPress website traffic and show your WordPress website analytics and performance. This plugins bring you google analytics stats on your WordPress dashboard and give tips on how to improve. In MonsterInsights you can see how people find your website and per post visitor also show. This is easy to use you just log in with your email and then MonsterInsights show you the result.

4. All in One SEO Pack

All In One SEO Pack WordPress plugins seo
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 All in One SEO Pack is one of the most popular plugins amongst people.  All in One SEO Pack is installed on many WordPress websites because these SEO tools are easy to use. With All in One SEO Pack SEO tools, you can automatically generate and submit sitemaps to Google, Yahoo,  other popular search engines. In one SEO plugins, you will get many tools.

5. WP Meta SEO

WordPress plugins seo
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WP Meta SEO gives you the opportunity to do meta-information bulk editor these features make your work easy. In this SEO tool, you don’t do Google Search Console they do automatically and also have keyword suggestion features and also have a sitemap generator. and you will get all features in free.

which SEO tool is best

WordPress plugins seo

Well, it is upon on you which one like you most and you can try all then you can decide which is best in terms of features or other things so if you want any other blog on WordPress you can comment I try to give you blog on your topic. according to me MonsterInsights and toast SEO is best

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what is blogging / Blogging as a carrer 2019

                       what is blogging ?


Blog . what is blog . you heard this word many time so, if you not know what is blog or blogging  then you came right place ,

here i try to explain you  what is blog and its type and carres as a blogger . so in the 21 century  the  way of information is very wide and in blog you were basically share the infomation or experience to the people only on your blog

So , blog is the that platefrom on which you can share  information or experience on your blog. blog is the the source of infomation  whether it is personal bloggingpublic blog , lifestyle blogging and vlogging camera 

what is reason to start blog //??



what is a need to start a blog ? what a blog do for us . can blogging change our lifstyle ? so these question answer you will get in the website.

blog not a only a blog , blog is your brand yes blog is youe bussiness .  many of people is manking money with blogging and you aslo can  make money through  blog through blogging  i show you the proof of  bloggers

Here’s the list of successful bloggers and their income reports:

1. Easy Baby Life (Parenting) – $4,310 per month

2. Making Sense of Cents (Frugal Living) – $100,000 per month

3. Pinch Of Yum (Food) – Over $60,000 per month

4. Embracing Simple (Intentional Living) – $2,400 per month

5. Mostly Morgan (Lifestyle) – $2,000 per month

6. The BeWitchin Kitchen (Food) – $6,313 per month

7. Yup, It’s Vegan (Veganism) – $1,478.54 per month

8. Practical Wanderlust (Travel) – $4,305.96 per month

9. Fitnancials (Fitness, Travel, Lifestyle) – $4,612 per month

10. Well Kept Wallet (Finance) – $17,714 per month

11. Horkey Handbook (Become a VA) – $20,492 per month

12. Show Me The Yummy (Food) – $46,367 per month

13. Jessica Gavin (Food) – $5,097.80 per month

14. Treasure Gnome (Amazon, Shopify & Ebay Sales) – $9750.93 per month

15. Travel Blog Breakthrough (Travel) – $3,269 per month

16. Arts & Classy (DIY, Interior Design)- $3364.75 per month

17. Pickled Plum (Food) – $4,330.08 per month

this list is copy from google

so this is proof of the blooging carrer that people achive in their life  so, you aslo can

1 carrer

2 money

3 part time work

4 less work more profite

5 business

6 brand

in think these reasons is sufficient to you to start blogging 

Type of blog





Whatever your passion is you can place on your blog and make it big brand of business

why in 2019 blogging is popular

due to many reasons . people easlly conneted with your brand through comment or information. and blog is also a big source of information in the 21 century… through the the your brand the other prople that not physically present that can also up to date with you through  blog . and at the last but not the least you can earn money through  blogging

now i show you blog structure

blog structure

How to make new blog ? 

firstly you need to slected the name of your blog and then many plateform make you  blog like ., wordpress. i suggest the best and truested website is  wordpress .org  and the also give you domain according to you blog  you go and singn in in it then fill the detial and your blog is ready to use

before start the blog i tell you must one thinbg this is if you want make your brand or busniess through blogging you want serious in it  upload dally arictel and your blog get money and   how blog get money ?  the answer is addsense . your blog reach traffic on your blog then your addsence account is approve

so if so get any problem comment i try to slove it


Honer 20 or 20 pro 2019

Honer 20 or 20 pro 2019

Honer 20 or 20 pro  2019 YES honer smart  phones  are in launched today 11 June 2019. Today in new Delhi    launched. in may month this phone is launched in Landon

Honer 20 or 20 pro 2019 11 June at 11:30 in new  Delhi this smart phone was launched. and if we talk about online sale of this phone so then . flip kart or other website this phone launched .

so i tell you  the full information about these phones .

Honer 20  smart phone  2019 latest phone

 Smart PhoneHoner 20

DISPLAY : 6.40 {1080 x 2310}

RAM : 6 GB




PROCESSOR : Hi silicon krin 980



so this is full information about the honer 20 smart phone  and how it was comment below

about Honer 20 pro


  • 6.26 inches (15.9 cm)
  • 1080×2340 PX


RAM : 8 GB




PROCESSOR : Hi silicon krin 980 


  • 48 + 16 + 8 + 2 MP Quad Primary Cameras
  • LED Flash
  • 32 MP Front Camera  
  • Both smart phone are really good and the owner of phone work on it so in this prize it is not bad deal i think

So this is full information and of you want more information like that visit my website daily and if you want and another blog in any topic just comment

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These tricks you never know How ways to make Money fast by internet

How to make money online ?

Today i am showing you how to make Money fast by internet and step  by step i am show you how to make money online in easy way  These tricks you never know How ways to make Money fast by internet.

In today life 90% people is users of internet and only 10% users is get income through online . through internet make money is not a hard way ,  I Aman show  you 100% working way to get income online. ways to make Money fast by internet.

1 .Make Money fast by YOU TUBE

ways to make Money fast by internet FROM YOUTUBE
YouTube money

YES YOU TUBE  is a very good option to earn money  online . you daily use YouTube to watch video and for your enjoyment purpose. and i toady show you how to make money through YouTube .

  • go on YouTube and create your own channel and daily make video on it and make best content and HD  content on YouTube  . and then complete your 4000 watch time on YouTube  and 1000 subscribers then your channel is ready to monition . after that you are ready to make money online.
  • following tips is help you to success on YouTube

  • Upload  video daily
  • make your you tube time table for video
  • HD video uploaded only
  • your voice  should clear in video
  • make video on trending topic
  • make your best thumbnail for video
  • do editing in your video

2 Make Money fast by internet and DATA ENTRY 

data entery. ways to make Money fast by internet
data entry

DATA ENTRY is a such a good option to earning . many website is work for data entry they give you money if you done data entry  work . basically they give you data to enter in list to doing totally of all data and  also give another work like paragraph writing

They give you data to translate in another language that you know like Hindi or English and for this they give you money through pay tam or any another way .

you can search on google data entry and singin in website and you can ready to work on it .

3. Make Money fast by internet and website

amazon kindle , ways to make Money fast by internet
website money

A website is a best way to earn money online because in any another way you should get 55% or more or less but in website you get whole money .

In today life everyone have need a website to expend there business , in now day you can see that everyone have there own website . every you tuber have there own website why???

Because they all of know that a website make more money on internet that;s why they all have there own website and now i tech you the whole information about the website making

*if you want to make own website  you should pay for you domain

yes you can make you website but nobody teach you  how to access website , how to use it.


note : yes you should watch many video online but i latterly say most of the fake so beware from it


4. Make Money fast by KINDLE BOOKS.

amazon kindle
amazon kindle

Make Money fast…

YES THIS IS ALSO A GOOD OPTION i know most of people not know about this feature i tell .

In this feature you can mainly use another books to make money online  i tell you WHAT IS IT  google and search amazon kindle and open it

Make a account on it and than you can upload books on it with your own PRIZE RATE how much many you can take to sell that book .

now a question raise from  where we take book so not to worry some writer give permission to you to publish they books online that book you can upload on AMAZON KINDLE  and make money if you want i write a different blog on JUST COMMENT.

Make Money fast   BY BLOG


Make Money fast…

If you have a create passion in any thing that young you can explore on internet so my dear you are ready to make money online.

I tell you step by step how we work on it.

*OPEN GOOGLE  and search on it blogger and search it and make id on it and start writing blog on it in this world many people make money through this  and they buy they own choice .

You can you on blogger website and choice the blog name or domain name and then start writing when you complete 30 or more then 30 blog you can ready to approval and then your earning is start……

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro Latest 2019 phone

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro is a latest or good featured phone is and in this phone you will get many intresting things and . In my blog i tell you all about the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro phone

upgraded snapdragan  675 processor and the camera is 48MP sony . The phone was launched  in New Delhi, India on 28 Feb 2019.Together with the REDMI NOTE 7  pro the other variant under the Redmi series, the device.

Information about processer in redmi note 7 pro

* Snapdragan 675

* 4 GB RAM

* OCTA core (2 GHz, Dual core +1.7GHz

Now redmi note 7 pro Display information.

* 1080 × 2340 pxils, 409 ppl

*IPS LCD Screen in it

*6.3 inches 16 centemetre

# In every phone we looked they camera quality  now this is information about redmi not 7 pro camera quality .

* 48 mega pixels + 5 mega pixels Dual primary cameras

*13 mega pixels Fronts camera

* With LED  Flash

In phone Battery is very important  factor . On the basic of battery performance your phone run good or long time

The Battery quality of REDMI NOTE 7 PRO .

*Quick charging

*4000 mAh

One things in redmi note 7 pro have problem mini is  usb type c port, not support in micro usb.

Xiaomi Redmi note 7 pro prize in india .The lowest rate Xiaomi redmi nite 7 pro in india  is Rs. 15,995. In online are avalibale.
Redmi note 7 pro Order now

This redmi note 7 pro launched in expected 10 may 2019. With . 3 GB ram and 32 internal storage and. Also come in black and many other colurs like red etc

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kali linux tools | command | Android tool

What is kali linux ?

Kali linux is operating system which is mostly used by Hacker. In virtual world two type of operating system is present. One is window and another one linux operating system.It is maintained and funded by offensive security.

Owner of linux
Owner of linux  Linus Torvalds

It was developed by Mati Aharoni and Devon Kearns of Offensive Security through the rewrite of backtrack  their previous information security testing Linux distribution based on knokppic.

Kali Linux has over about 600 installed penetration: testing programs.  Wireless lans,Like nmap , port scanner , software for penetration= testing , wireshark, application security scanner.


Kali Linux can run natively when installed on your computer’s hard disk , can be booted from the  live cd or the live usb , or it can run with a virtual machine . It is also support platform of  metaspolit works . Metasploit Framework, a tool is used for many important perpose like developing and executing security expltis. 

In this world most of the people use Windows operating system . because half of the world are not know about the Linux operating system . that’s why about 90% people use normal Windows . operating system in the window there is only limited things that you can do with the your window operating system .

you cannot add a new things for a new command in your computer in operating system . but in the kali linux  if we talk about the Linux operating system . the Linux operating system is a vast world of the changing and executing your idea in the way of code.  you can make your own code your own executive file and your own commands the Linux operating system is give you full permission to change or make your own commands . and whatever you want change in your computer you will do it .

Kali linux

other side the window operating system is not  act like this.  the window operating system is a limited edition we cannot add any more thing in it Use the features of the window . operating system that is given by the computer operating system that is window in the window they update  time to time like Window XP Windows 7, Ultimate Windows 7 ,Windows 10,Windows 8.

And also is doing in Kali Linux they have also are updating options are there .if you use both operating system you can use by the boot of your USB device you can put the window or Kali Linux .but for the operating a boot operating system in a  PC you want most antivirus in your computer system.

Is linux operating system is Tough ?

The Linux operating system is a not operating system. One thing I should clear in your mind if you are interested for the coding or the hacking world you can easily used kali linux .or you can easily learn Kali Linux. If you operate Kali Linux just for show off and you are not interested to use it .

Kali linux
Kali linux

I fully recommended you don’t use Kali Linux if you are not interested in the coding or the hacking world. No matter what work you are but that work you have interest to do that work then you can do it. if you are not interested don’t do it just leave it.

What is need to install kali linux in pc ? 

First of all you want a PC  for the installing of the Kali Linux .requires a minimum of 1GB hard disk space for installation. A mini  of 512MB RAM for i3 processer you haved to access the kali linux in your pc . A bootable CD« DVD drive or a USB .  And you also want 32 bit to 64 bit .

What is raspberry pi ,and how its work ?

Raspberry pi, is best portable computer ever in the world .it is low cost  in prize and to use this you want  a moniter no matter what is is .  Your phone screen or tv screen etc It is a capable little device that enables people of all ages to use and doing good computing. From raspberry pi you learn many programming languages like  html , python  and many other

For this you want is a screen A keyboard or a mouse and a power source . the power tools maybe your power bank or your main connection of Power . In raspberry pi you also have a memory card folder, two USB folder,  the power plug button.

If you use for first time you can connect with the PC.  and install in  any operating system to use

Tools of Kali linux ???

As we know many tools and their own  speciality .  tools are work to according to specifications. Everyone have their own function some used for security purposes some modification function some for storage in purpose so i tell you

The list of those tool is which  used for the security purpose in kali linux.

. 1 Aircrack:NG . 2 Brup suite . 3 Armitage

Some Hydra tools :: 1 Foremost 2. Binwalk  3.volatility

Some tool used for finding  & exploit vulnerabilities in Network systems 1 Metasploit 2.Nmap 3.wireshark 4. Social website tools.

If you have note computer system and you are interested to operate the in Kali Linux. you have two options one is first of all you have to root your Android device and after that you can install Kali Linux in your android  device.

But route isn’t no save option for your Android device .because some devices support rooted for some devices not support route and then the device is not access or use for you the fully finish . software of android devices are Cryptid chances are there.

In the Kali Linux have option that is a terminal .to this terminal you can make your own commands and code through the  help of code you can operate the Linux operating system . the main thing in the kali linux   is the terminal through which we use all the command and execute so if you learn all the commands then that is easy to operate Kali Linux operating system.



For Android there is a Android application that is application name is termux .you can install this app in your mobile and practice on it and do practice of command and use other tools in this .  like and nmap , get clone etc

I give you the common commands of the termux  . I hope this will help you to learn Termux

1 pkg = used for  packages

2 apt = usde for appcialtion

3 clear = used for the clear window

4 nmap = to see the loaction

5 install = to install any thing

How to used this command in termux !

1 pkg update

2 apt upgrade

3 pkg install git

4 pkg install nmap

This is way to used comnand


How to make app in phone | In android without coding

What is app ?

The real name of app is application .app is a short form of application .for the making app many These thing is necessary. Like first of all we need language. First of all I tell you for the making of app only one language is used. The language used to making application is Java language. Through the Java we make an app . and custom by own choice .

many websites and application is help to make app. Today I am gonna show you how to make application in Android without coding in your mobile phone

Note : I till site that is helping to make Android application without coding. The website name is appsgeyser

You can make any type of app either musical app ,messenger game ,website ,YouTube app, a web browser etc. Follow my following step to make a app.

I also give screenshot  to easy to make app

1. Go on google and search appsgeyser click first link and open


Make app
Make app

After open this link appsgesgers and. And login in it with your Facebook ID or Google Play Store ID.

Login in website

3. Then click on button to start the making app. Then select your category in which you want to make app. Example a website ,game, a browser, puzzle game ,and many other things etc for making app  .4. After select your category .Next site open to custom your app with your own choice you can how to make logo for your app and . fully design your app with your on specification.

Edit your app
Edit app

5. After that fulfill your all the information that required to make your application good and attractive to use in this website you have too many options are to make an custom by one choice your application

Work on app
Work on app

6.  Then after doing all this activity to required that to make your App interesting and attractive look . and father you want to give name your app . select your icon for the app if you make in Picsart any icon you can upload on it. if not in this website they will be given you many icon according to your application.

Edit app

7 your Android application is almost ready to run and publish .after that you will press next button and then you will see the create button on your home screen after that your application is almost ready to publish

Ok app
App ready

8. Then you done it and publish app in your mobile phone and use it . To use this application you can make money I will tell how to make money with application

Note : sometime do to slow servers or any technical problem this website may not work properly and . your app is not making once or twice of time. I make two application from this site. so if you fail one time you can try again this is not for my blog or . my information I give you the right information about how to make application without use coding.


How to make money from app ?

If you want make money from this application first of all you want you make a account on addmob. You can make addmob account after approving your account you can publish advertisement on your application . after the advertisement is published on your application you can earn money from this addmob website .

What is hacker and its type | Type of hacker | Black, white, grey

What is hacker ?

 Hacker is a that person who provide security to your computer or any other electronic device and a hacker is a that person who gives security to your system or computer and he have all the knowledge about all computer languages and they know all computer errors or component that present in the computer hacker is know everything about computer hardware or software  both Factor they know they have very Advance knowledge about both factors and they have all the tricks and skill to handle any type of error or attacked that black. Hacker do involving blog I tell you the types of hackers and and what did two different type of hackers

MythsAbout The Hackers

Mostly people think hackers are the bad peoples and they treat like a bagger or a criminal . the Society have seen bad example of hackers like somebody hacking attack hacker attack on any computer system and many other news is we heard that hackers do this hackers do this but this is half of. Many people not know about the full information of about the hackers if some black hat hacker attack on any server or computer so that the defense was given to a good hacker is ethical hacker or white hat hacker attack. Do some black hat hacker that defined by only hackers if all the gunman are not  Criminal so only that type in hacker . not all type of hacker Criminal. People also think that if somebody say I am hacker they say you hack Facebook WhatsApp Instagram and many other social websites doing a hacker hack any website account Facebook account any Instagram account and most of the people think only that they could have only Facebook and other social sites do. the people hackers is  who hacked all the official website that is but that is not full formation of hacking is a very broad Concept in which type of branches are open like cryptography and many other but people saying a hacker saying a Continue reading “What is hacker and its type | Type of hacker | Black, white, grey”